Explorer, have you seen these screenshots yet?!

Explorer, have you seen these screenshots yet?!

Hi Explorers,

As you know, we have been working on We Were Here Forever, the fourth installment of the We Were Here-series. We know you are dying to learn more about the upcoming adventure over at Castle Rock, so here are some screenshots!

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This Week's Mayhem Podcast #4

How Ruud found his Jester voice!

This Week’s Mayhem

Podcast #4


Podcast explorers, Are you ready to hear all the ins and outs of the We Were Here series and Total Mayhem Games? In our podcast This Week’s Mayhem we’ll spill all the tea, beans and more! In this episode Soraya and Ruud talk about making the We Were Here Forever trailer and how Ruud found his Jester voice.

We Were Here Forever coming 2021!

We Were Here Forever coming 2021!

Does one ever truly escape Castle Rock..?


Mayday mayday!
New game announced:
We Were Here Forever is coming to you in 2021!


With your trusty walkie talkie, your smarts and a friend on the other end of the line, you’ll set out (again) to explore the mysteries of Castle Rock! More puzzles to be solved, environments to explore and riddles to unravel!

What happened to the explorers that were left behind? And does one ever truly escape Castle Rock??

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coming soon

We know that waiting for a game can be unpleasant, but hopefully you guys are happy knowing your wait is not forever. We are working hard to make the 4th installment in the We Were Here series a wonderful and thrilling experience for old- and new players!

For now, we hope you’re looking forward to We Were Here Forever! Please be sure you follow us on Twitter and be sure to join our Discord as well!

Yours Forever,