We Were Here Forever

Patch Notes v1.0.26

Explorers! The team @ Total Mayhem Games is still working very hard to bring you the best experience. We have noticed that some of you have experienced some issues (probably due to some trickery of the Jester), and we are trying to help you out!
We have just released a new patch, already containing the following changes:

  • Possible cheat to skip final stage in Arena puzzle
  • Possible cheat in Rockbury to jump over the bridge
  • Possible soft lock in Graveyard with door closing too soon
  • Possible soft lock with not being able to bring up the Nautilus
  • Possible soft lock in the Illusions
  • Possible soft lock at Meet the Jester
  • Possible soft lock during Graveyard dig puzzle
  • Rare case where Astrolabe items or puppets could dissappear while interacting with them
  • Rare case where both players fall in well on coffin click
  • Rare case where a player could fall off the Crossroads elevator
  • Rare case where a player could fall through Rockbury layout
  • Rare case where a player could walk on water in final scene
  • Rare case where a player could jump out of the crane in Rockbury
  • Rare case where a player could still move after disconnect
  • Rare case where players could get launched in the sky after use of capstan mechanic
  • Rare case where players could duplicate an Astrolabe piece
  • Rare case where a player could unintentially hear the Guardian
Potential fixes
  • Crossroads elevator not being available when returning from an area
  • Issues related with players roles (including black screen scenario’s)
  • Friends list is further improved
  • Hint menu is improved
  • Settings menu for Audio & Video, inluding texture quality now more easily visible
  • Several subtitles including the Arabic language
  • Navigation support with controller through menus

If you still run into any issues, please check out our support page:

For some direct support, reach out to us on our socials or join our Discord server;

All the love from the team @ Total Mayhem Games!