A mysterious figure tells us the story of Kees Klokkenmaker, a citizen of Rockbury. Betrayed by his grieving King, we follow his story as it unfolds in the
We Were Here game series. Join us on our quest, Explorer, as we dive deeper into the mysteries behind We Were Here Forever.


The citizens of Rockbury are rebuilding, always wary of the danger that looms around them. We find out more about a secret project that Kees and his friends have been working on.


In the third episode of the live-action video series, Kees is searching the graveyard for an old tomb when he meets some unexpected guests…


The latest episode this time, will be told by yours truly; it is I.
My only wish was to serve my King, never thought that darkness he would bring,
damned us all and now I’m stuck here, is there more then this darkness that you should fear?


Family, love and hope. A garden found down below.
A reason to fight, a noble cause.
Making sure that what is dear won’t be lost.

Learn more about Kees Klokkenmaker himself, his family and a hidden the area down below he travels to…


In the final episode of the Chronicles of Castle Rock series, a curse on a King places a crown of destiny upon you explorers…
Once you step into the realm of the King, will you be clever?


What is an Explorer/ who are Explorers?

The Explorers are the playable characters in the We Were Here game series. They live together in the basecamp, located in Antarctica. Officially a group of ten, two Explorers somehow get separated. The game begins; you and your partner find yourself in the thick isolated suits and become the Explorers. 

You start your adventure together with your partner and survive challenges along the way. Communication is vital; you need your partner to guide you through the game and help you solve a myriad of puzzles. 

How do you talk to your partner in this co-op puzzle adventure? 

Our games provide you with a couple of nifty walkie-talkies you can use to communicate.

Who is the person telling the story in the Chronicles of Castle Rock?

Hooded in a cloak, this mysterious figure’s identity will be revealed in the final episode. But it’s safe to say he is on your side and wants to help, and prepare you for your adventure!

By listening to him, you get a glimpse of what is to come in our new upcoming game ‘We are Here Forever’ and the characters and stories which play a significant role in the game series. You can wishlist We Were Here Forever.

What are the Chronicles of Castle Rock?

A series of tales diving deeper into the backstory of the We Were Here Forever game. New episodes of The Chronicles of Castle Rock will be released every two weeks up until the release of We Were Here Forever

Who is Kees Klokkenmaker?

Kees Klokkenmaker is a citizen of Rockbury and the son of Karel Klokkenmaker. You’ll learn more about Kees by watching the episodes of “The Chronicles of Castle Rock”, which will be released every two weeks. 

In our upcoming game, “We Were Here Forever”, you will visit parts of his past yourselves.

Who is The Jester?

A figure cloaked in shadow, a manipulator, puppet master and your worst nightmare. New players who are brave enough: you will encounter him in all of our games. Take a look for yourself!

Who is the King?

King Bartholomeus was a great man once who fell into darkness after losing his sons. He cursed his realm in his quest for eternal life.

He plays a significant role in the We Were Here Series. If you want to learn more about him, check out our game series:

What happened to the King?

The King was deceived. Not merely by The Jester, but by a demon as well. If you want to learn more, our upcoming game We Were Here Forever delves deeper into the story of King Bartholomeus.

We Were Here series

The We Were Here games are a series of co-op puzzle games where you and your partner have to help each other survive and escape. It’s all about cooperative discovery, immersion and teamwork through communication. Your only possession is a walkie-talkie with a familiar voice on the other end. Can the both of you find your way out in time? 

All We Were Here Series are available on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox :

The first edition of the series ‘We Were Here ‘ is available for free on Steam! We invite you to grab your partner and dive in. Find out what all the fuss is about. You won’t regret it.  

This game is co-op only. It requires both players to have a working PC-compatible microphone and an internet connection.

What is Rockbury?

Rockbury was a town of great providence under the watchful eye of King Bartholomeus. Until one day, a terrible tragedy happened. Now it’s a broken remnant of a long age past. It was covered by endless white, deep within Antarctica.

You’ll find out more about the history of Rockbury and its citizens by watching the episodes of the Chronicles of Castle Rock. Make sure to wishlist WE WERE HERE FOREVER and prepare yourselves!