Explorers! The team @ Total Mayhem Games is still working very hard to bring you the best experience. We have noticed that some of you have experienced some issues (probably due to some trickery of the Jester), and we are trying to help you out!

We have just released a new patch, already containing the following changes:

  • Rare case where Walkie-Talkies would sometimes disappear during animations
  • Rare case where Astrolabe items would appear or be stuck on places they could be mounted on
  • Rare case where players could get stuck in the tutorial
  • Rare case where players could get stuck in Rockbury using the crane
  • Rare case where players could get stuck using the capstan to enter the Graveyard area
  • Rare case where the automaton during Story Reconstruction puzzle would perform sound
  • Rare case where doors would open after solving the puzzle with the Guardian in the Nautilus
  • Rare case where players could get stuck in the ski lift towards Rockbury
  • Minor issues with the Statue puzzle in the Warden’s Office
  • Various minor gameplay & visual issues


Potential fixes
  • Some additional scenario’s where players could get stuck on a black screen


  • Optimization of several areas and cutscenes, to improve performance
  • New journey menu has been improved with option to mark areas as completed while starting
  • Some translations have been improved
  • Crossroads now has different audio tracks, improving feel of the environment
  • Improved controller support
  • Added and improved several animations in the game

If you still run into any issues, please check out our support page:

For some direct support, reach out to us on our socials or join our Discord server;

All the love from the team @ Total Mayhem Games!