Celebrate Christmas (in) Together!

Celebrate Christmas (in) Together!

We wish you all a happy 2023!


Dear explorers!

Thank you all for a wonderful year! This year we’ve released We Were Here Forever and it was a wonderful moment for us ! Not only that, we were able to showcase the game live to fans at W.A.S.D in London and Pax East in Boston! It was great meeting some of you in person!

Celebrating Christmas Together

The base camp in We Were Here Together is all ready for Christmas celebrations! However, not everything it just a jolly good time, your help is needed!

Hidden away at your basecamp is a special puzzle with an ‘enlightening’ reward that will really get the celebrations started! This puzzle won’t be out there forever, so be sure to participate in this festive mind breaker before the end of January 5th.

12 Days of Christmas

On our Twitter page, we’ve been hosting a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway!

These will run until tomorrow (23rd), so be sure to participate while you still can!

Together Forever

One of the most important thing for us, is the way that our games bring people together. Forge new friendships and bonds, learning more about each other and create ever lasting memories. For many, the Holiday season is a special time of the year to do the same in real life.

But we also know that this doesn’t go for everyone. The wonderful people at Samaritants help those who are struggling during times like these. They have a special campaign Stream for Samaritans: Night Shift Before Christmas, which is a special charity event combined with streaming to help people who struggle with loneliness and depression during Christmas. We’re honoured to have We Were Here Forever as part of this campaign. More info and options to donate can be found here.

Total Comfiness

Many of us are relaxing during their Christmas break. Binging a movie series, playing some board games, finally reading that one book – just having a good time. What better way to do this with some comfy clothing! We got some merch for you all that will do just that! Click here to be redirected to our merch store. Maybe you’ll find more things you like.

We wish you all a happy 2023!

Nominate We Were Here Forever!

Nominate We Were Here Forever!

Better With Friends and Best Original Soundtrack Award


Dear explorers!

It is time to nominate for the Steam Awards 2022! There are many categories to choose from, but for We Were Here Forever, we decided that the two that fit the game the most are: Better With Friends and Best Original Soundtrack!

Nominate us for the Better With Friends Award

You need a fellow explorer to embark on your adventure in We Were Here Forever? Did you manage to stay friends until the end?

Nominate us for the Best Soundtrack Award

Music is such an important element to the game! We’re extremely proud of the beautiful sound track of We Were Here Forever! Has it been on repeat for you or do you need a reminder? You can listen to the soundtrack below.

Don’t you agree that our soundtrack needs to be remembered forever  by winning an award? Nominate us!

White Winter Mayhem

Want to get your hands on some exclusive Were Were Here Forever merch, that perfectly fits the wintery cold season? We still got some limited edition snow globes available in our store! These are hand-painted and one of a kind. A perfect gift for yourself and/or your explorer partner. You can find it, along other merch, in our Total Mayhem Store.

Celebrate Sinterklaas in We Were Here Together

Here in The Netherlands, we have double the festivities and presents in December! Before Santa Claus arrives and brings us presents under the tree, Sinterklaas makes his visit from Spain and brings us presents through the chimney and in our shoes!

You can experience this holiday in the basecamp of We Were Here Together! Have you been a good friend and partner though?

We Are Thankful

For all who celebrate, we wish you all a happy upcoming Thanksgiving! We’re very grateful to have such an amazing community and we can’t wait to share more unforgettable memories with you all together.

Yours Forever,

Total Mayhem Games

We Were Here Forever finds their way to other platforms!

We Were Here Forever finds their way to other platforms!


Hello explorers!

We’re happy to share with you all that We Were Here Forever is now coming to consoles offering cross play as well! On January 31st, explorers on console can start their adventure!
For all our dear explorers here on PC, this will be an amazing new opportunity to revisit your adventure in We Were Here Forever, now combined with a partner on console! Will your friendship be strong enough to cross beyond platforms, or is one of you getting betrayed again…

Additionally, we’re working on some fun stuff for you all, so keep your eyes out on our social media and join our Discord for updates.

Total Mayhem Merch gets snowy & spooky

limited edition  snow globe is now available in our merch store! They’re trapped here in the Mayhem dungeon, will you free one?

Shaken no stirred

And don’t miss out on our special spooky merch! Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean that scary vibes have to stop. In need of a mug, tumblr, shirt or comfy pants? We got you covered. Find the collection here. Additionally, we got other WWH merch as well, so be sure to see if there’s anything to your liking!


Yours Forever,

Total Mayhem Games

We are here to share some news!

We are here to share some news!


Hello dear explorers!

We hope everyone is doing well and had a great summer break! We got new exciting things to share with you all!

We Are Fighting Loneliness

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are working together with British Red Cross for Operation Anti-Loneliness 2022!
The core of our games is that you have to team up with someone else, work together and communicate with each other, and we have always encouraged forming bonds and social connections through gaming. So what better way to celebrate Operation Anti-Loneliness than by playing We Were Here Forever?! 1 in 5 people in the UK are affected by loneliness, and one of the things streamers can do to help is to fundraise money by streaming We Were Here Forever for 5, 10 or 20 hours.

For more information about the fundraiser or if you would like to donate directly to the cause, click here .

We Were Here Forever at Dreamhack

Conventions are back! From 14-16 OctoberWe Were Here Forever will be available to play at Dreamhack in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!
Not only is this on our home turf, this is also the city where the Total Mayhem office is located, so it’s going to be extra special for us! So for our Dutch explorers, or international explorers who are going to visit, be sure to stop by and say hi! We always love chatting and meeting you all! More info on Dreamhack here .

We Are Nominated!

In the category Puzzle Game, We Were Here Forever is nominated by the Tiga Game Industry Awards 2022! TIGA is a network for games developers and digital publishers and the trade association representing the video games industry in the UK. It’s always an honour to be nominated, fingers crossed! See the list of categories here

But the nominations don’t stop there! We also got nominated in our home country for the Dutch Game Awards for Best Audio & Best Game Design! Go see the list with other great Dutch videogames here!

Amazed by our dear explorers

We always love seeing you all get creative, may it be your own projects or We Were Here related! This amazing Jester cosplay by @FalmarinDeCarme really blew us away! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

That’s all for now!

Yours Forever,

Total Mayhem Games

A month feels like Forever

A month feels like Forever


Dear explorers!

It’s already been a month since we released We Were Here Forever . It’s been an amazing journey working on this game and seeing you all play and enjoy it has been a treat! Thank you all for that!

As you might’ve seen, we’ve been working hard on updating the game and making it run even smoother and better. This includes bug fixing, translations, smoother gameplay, and overall improvements to the game! You can read more about this by clicking here.

Please be sure to keep your game updated and let us know if you run into any problems in the community section here on Steam.

Forever Grateful

We love seeing what you think of We Were Here Forever and your reactions have been amazing! We’ve shared some of your community reviews and press reviews, which warms our hearts forever.

Merch which isn’t here Forever

Would you like to have a piece of We Were Here Forever hanging in your own room, with our We Were Here Forever art? We have a limited stock of signed art in our merch store! Some of them are already sold out so be sure to get one, before they’re gone forever…

 You can find our merch store by clicking here.

Forever Yours,

Total Mayhem Games

The Chronicles of Castle Rock Finale

The Chronicles of Castle Rock Finale


Dear explorers!

The final episode of our live-action series ‘Chronicles of Castle Rock‘ is here! Thank you watching the series, we hope you enjoyed this new addition to the We Were Here  story and that it got you even more excited for We Were Here Forever!

We Were Here Forever is really out!

In case you missed it, We Were Here Forever  released 2 days ago!
Buy your copy now on STEAM & EPIC!

Thank you so much for playing it! We love watching your reactions and experiences! Seeing so many people play our game that we’ve worked on for so long is truly amazing!

Total Mayhem Livestream!

Later today at 07:30PM CEST, two members of the Total Mayhem Team will play through some areas of the game and talk a bit about the game making process! Be sure to tune in! You can find us on Twitch.

Forever Support

Al though we always aim to provide you the best performing game (for)ever, unfortunately there are some things we can’t oversee.
Please note that we’re working hard on fixing the issues you’ve reported. We’re planning to release an update very soon. For now, if you run into any problems, please be sure to check this feed here and try the possible solutions listed. If they don’t work, of course report them to us and we’ll try to look for a solution!

Yours Forever,

Total Mayhem Games

It's finally here! We Were Here Forever is OUT NOW!

It's finally here!

We Were Here Forever is OUT NOW!


Dear explorers!

Being left behind and forgotten, it’s time to escape Castle Rock once more, if you’re clever…
We Were Here Forever  is out now!! You can get the game until the 17th with a 10% launch discount.

This is our biggest game yet! With over 12 hours  of gameplay, 22 puzzles and 6 chapters, it feels like we’ve been working on this game forever.

We’re super happy with how the game turned out visually too! There are a lot more areas for you to explore. Each with their own lively environment and colours.

Furthermore, the story of Castle Rock will run towards a climax and you’ll finally discover if breaking free from its curse is possible, or perhaps you’ll be trapped forever…

That is up to you, our dear explorers! Good luck and we hope to see your thoughts and experiences on social media and here on Steam.

We Were Here Forever: Fan Pack

For our determined and loyal explorers, we got a special Forever Fan Pack for the game.

This will include:

  • We Were Here Forever Game
  • We Were Here Forever Digital Artbook
  • We Were Here Forever Digital Soundtrack
  • We Were Here Forever Wallpapers

The artbook has over 150  pages and the soundtrack contains 40 songs! It’s available for $22,98. We hope you all enjoy the amazing art and music that is provided with this edition.

Furthermore, we have some new We Were Here Forever merch to celebrate the release of the game! You can find it on our merch store. Get that drip !

Special thanks to our explorers

It’s crazy to think how far we’ve become since our first student project We Were Here and we thank you, our wonderful community, for playing our games and being such amazing people! Without you guys there wouldn’t be a Total Mayhem Games and We Were Here series as we know it today, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And a SPECIAL THANKS to our beta testers! Your love and input for our series and We Were Here Forever has been really helpful!

Chronicles of Castle Rock

While you wait for your game to download, be sure to check the fifth episode of our live-action series! The finale of the series is scheduled for upcoming Thursday, the 12th. So stay tuned!

Thank you for everything dear explorers!

Yours forever,

Total Mayhem Games

Chronicles of Castle Rock is nearing its end...

Chronicles of Castle Rock is nearing its end...


Dear explorers!

The release of We Were Here Forever is only 1 day  away!! We’re so excited, you have no idea!
However, you don’t have to wait for some new content until tomorrow! Our new episode of ‘Chronicles of Castle Rock’ is now live.

Learn more about Kees Klokkenmaker himself, his family and a hidden the area down below he travels to…

Don’t forget to check out the other episodes if you haven’t already. You can find the link to the whole playlist here.

We Were Here Forever in-game footage

In case you’ve missed it, we released our release trailer last week! It shows a lot of new amazing areas you’re going to discover with your fellow explorer, with in-game footage. And yours truly the Jester, telling you what to expect…

Be ready tomorrow, explorers!

Yours Forever,

Total Mayhem Games

New Chronicles Episode Live!

New Chronicles Episode Live!

"The Jester"


Dear explorers!

Only one week away until the release of We Were Here Forever ! Are you guys ready? Do you think you and your partner will be clever enough to escape Castle Rock once more?

To ensure that you’re fully prepared, be sure to watch the newest episode of our live-action series ‘Chronicles of Castle Rock‘! This time, you won’t be hearing a story from Kees Klokkenmaker, but the Jester himself has some things to say…

Be sure to check out the previous episodes if you don’t want to miss any information about the We Were Here universe.

Dress to Escape Impress

Do you want to fully immerge yourself in We Were Here Forever? We have a special merch line for the game’s release! Maybe it will give you an extra buff that can help you while playing the game -we don’t think it does but it doesn’t hurt to try right-. You can find our merch here on our website!

See you next week explorers!

Yours Forever,

Total Mayhem Games

The entire We Were Here Series in sale!

The entire We Were Here Series in sale!

& We Were Here Live-action


Dear explorers!

The release of We Were Here Forever is only less than 2 weeks away! Your wait is almost over, but before you get your hands on our latest game, we want to make sure you’re all ready and set before you have to escape Castle Rock once more…

Starting today, the entire We Were Here Series will be on sale on Steam! You’ll be able to get all our games with a 50% discount! Be sure to grab them before the sale runs out on Monday, May 2nd, at 7pm CEST.

Only missing one specific game in the series? The games are on sale with an individual discount as well, so you’ll be able to complete your We Were Here collection in whatever way you need!

We Were Here Live-action

Have you been keeping up with our live-action series ‘ Chronicles of Castle Rock’? We’re releasing episodes rapidly, revealing more lore and history about Castle Rock, Rockbury, and the people who used to live there. Currently we’ve released 3 episodes so far, so be sure to catch up and subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss out on anything!

Happy exploring!

Yours forever,

Total Mayhem Games