Dear explorers!

The final episode of our live-action series ‘Chronicles of Castle Rock‘ is here! Thank you watching the series, we hope you enjoyed this new addition to the We Were Here  story and that it got you even more excited for We Were Here Forever!

We Were Here Forever is really out!

In case you missed it, We Were Here Forever  released 2 days ago!
Buy your copy now on STEAM & EPIC!

Thank you so much for playing it! We love watching your reactions and experiences! Seeing so many people play our game that we’ve worked on for so long is truly amazing!

Total Mayhem Livestream!

Later today at 07:30PM CEST, two members of the Total Mayhem Team will play through some areas of the game and talk a bit about the game making process! Be sure to tune in! You can find us on Twitch.

Forever Support

Al though we always aim to provide you the best performing game (for)ever, unfortunately there are some things we can’t oversee.
Please note that we’re working hard on fixing the issues you’ve reported. We’re planning to release an update very soon. For now, if you run into any problems, please be sure to check this feed here and try the possible solutions listed. If they don’t work, of course report them to us and we’ll try to look for a solution!

Yours Forever,

Total Mayhem Games