The team @ Total Mayhem Games is still working very hard to bring you the best experience. We have noticed that some of you have experienced some issues (probably due to some trickery of the Jester), and we are trying to help you out!

We have just released a new patch, already containing the following changes:


  • Autofocus input fields when displaying add friend popups
  • Overall performance
  • Intro video when playing on Steam Deck
  • Default resolution when playing on Steam Deck
  • Increased overall menu text sizes for readability on Steam Deck and consoles
  • Unusual characters in player display names are now automatically replaced by an ‘X’ for crossplay conveniency 
  • Accepting a player invite on Steam now directly moves you to the correct lobby without having to accept the in-game invite popup first
  • Visual feedback when adding a friend in-game that’s already in your friend list
  • Four different soundtracks are added when walking on the crossroads during different phases of the game
  • Readability of the in-game EULA
  • Added info help screen on how to play with someone on another platform
  • Replaced the point at which the The Cache puzzle is saved to prevent loss of progression when quitting the game directly after solving the puzzle
  • Added character animations when attempting to unlock an Astrolabe piece from it’s pedestal


  • Missing player visuals when other player is holding a note in Rockbury
  • Removed ability to equip/unequip the torch when a cinematic is playing
  • Various language fixes
  • New games no longer display 3% progress in the main menu
  • Fixed reversed achievement unlocks: X marks the plot and Cache Chase
  • Various game-breaking crashes and performance issues
  • Master account details not being displayed properly in the account settings menu
  • Launching the game when accepting an invite no longer gets stuck before entering the main menu
  • Misplaced hints at checkpoint ‘The Vault’
  • Some Chapter numbers that were displayed improperly
  • Missing walkie-talkie visual during some animations
  • Some low resolution 2D menu art
  • Voice chat no longer stops working when rejoining a room in the main menu
  • A minor chance that the achievement: Grave Sins, Monster Bargain, Ruins of Rockbury and Evermore did not unlock properly
  • Using the Walkie-talkie very rapidly no longer breaks the voice chat system 

If you still run into any issues, please check out our support page:

For some direct support, reach out to us on our socials or join our Discord server;

All the love from the team @ Total Mayhem Games!