Dear explorers!

It is time to nominate for the Steam Awards 2022! There are many categories to choose from, but for We Were Here Forever, we decided that the two that fit the game the most are: Better With Friends and Best Original Soundtrack!

Nominate us for the Better With Friends Award

You need a fellow explorer to embark on your adventure in We Were Here Forever? Did you manage to stay friends until the end?

Nominate us for the Best Soundtrack Award

Music is such an important element to the game! We’re extremely proud of the beautiful sound track of We Were Here Forever! Has it been on repeat for you or do you need a reminder? You can listen to the soundtrack below.

Don’t you agree that our soundtrack needs to be remembered forever  by winning an award? Nominate us!

White Winter Mayhem

Want to get your hands on some exclusive Were Were Here Forever merch, that perfectly fits the wintery cold season? We still got some limited edition snow globes available in our store! These are hand-painted and one of a kind. A perfect gift for yourself and/or your explorer partner. You can find it, along other merch, in our Total Mayhem Store.

Celebrate Sinterklaas in We Were Here Together

Here in The Netherlands, we have double the festivities and presents in December! Before Santa Claus arrives and brings us presents under the tree, Sinterklaas makes his visit from Spain and brings us presents through the chimney and in our shoes!

You can experience this holiday in the basecamp of We Were Here Together! Have you been a good friend and partner though?

We Are Thankful

For all who celebrate, we wish you all a happy upcoming Thanksgiving! We’re very grateful to have such an amazing community and we can’t wait to share more unforgettable memories with you all together.

Yours Forever,

Total Mayhem Games