Speaking your language – 1.7.1 update released!

Speaking your language – 1.7.1 update released!


Speaking your language – 1.7.1 update released!

We released an update which fixes a couple of issues with the Steam rich presence display, and adjusts the Russian translation on the final puzzle to be more clear. It also adds localization support for a bunch of new languages! Our Turkish explorers might see the number 1 popup every now and then but we hope to be able to fix this in the next update!

New Languages








Portuguese (Brazil)





Did you know tutkimusmatkailija means explorer in Finnish?!

We Were Here Together | Game Update 1.6.10

We Were Here Together

Game Update 1.6.10

Patch Notes 1.6.7

We have a new update for you today! There are performance improvements, more colliders to prevent those rare moments of falling out of the level, and some desync fixes.


  • Animated dots show at the bottom right when the game is busy loading
  • Increased auto-crouch trigger size downstairs after entering the monastery
  • Xbox related objects added to the basecamp


  • Players should no longer be able to walk off the left pickaxe elevator
  • Fixed an issue causing the castle entrance puzzle not to start
  • Fixed overall missing colliders causing players to fall through the world
  • Optimized performance-heavy fog
  • Increased default voice chat volume
  • Accepting an invite just before entering gameplay from a lobby no longer leaves the other player in the void
  • Fixed an issue with rejoining your own lobby
  • DLC Store page languages now match those displayed on the base game store page
  • Fixed overall texture and mesh issues
  • Rapidly bashing the elevator buttons won’t get visually stuck anymore
  • Disabled puzzle item interaction after completing the Greenhouse area preventing players from taking unnecessary items to the next chapter
  • Fixed an issue with the pipes where the puzzle would not complete after placing the correct pipes
  • Fixed a desync issue with the throne room statues puzzle
  • Fixed visual mismatch of items picked up in the mirror room and the image displayed in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the basecamp fuel docks did not load in completely
  • Fixed visual errors with some fog areas
  • Audio of the first throne room puzzle no longer overlaps with the cutscene audio

Known Issues:

  • After the voice chat system connects both players in a session, the application volume in the OS is forced to 100%

We Were Here Too | Game Update - 1.1.5

We Were Here Too

Game Update - 1.1.5

Performance updates and fixes!

We have released an update for We Were Here Too!
Version 1.1.5 contains the following:


Performance improvements.
Reduced loading times.
Voice chat stability.
New first person camera rig.
Updated the splashscreen.


Fixed several start up crashes.
Fixed multiple weapon bug in weapons puzzle.
Fixed an issue where progression was not saved.
Fixed an issue with achievements not unlocking.
Fixed an issue where both players would spawn as Lord.
Arms no longer flicker when crouching.

Don’t forget that we’re also running a survey for only about 24 hours more, and you could win merch!

 Take the survey!

The survey is closed, thanks to everyone who filled it in!

Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming…

Time to be here together

Light up the Holiday

The holidays are almost here and we have a number of special Christmas surprises for you explorers. As befits the holiday season, your Base Camp has been decorated and a new puzzle has appeared… somewhere. Let’s see if you and a friend can figure out where it is, and how to solve it. If you succeed, the festivities can begin!

A year of Total Mayhem

This past year was quite an adventure for us at the studio, full of intriguing puzzles and great highlights! One of the most memorable moments for us was the release of We Were Here Together – it was humbling to see our game in the top steam sellers for October 2019. To date we’ve almost sold 100,000 copies of We Were Here Together. Thank you all for your support!

To get a peek at how the year was for us developers, take a look at our series of Developer Diaries series:

Three episodes are live already, and the fourth and final installment will be live on December 30th!

Another cherished moment was the release of We Were Here and We Were Here Too on Xbox One. The inclusion of We Were Here in the ‘Games for Gold’ helped introduce a lot of new players to the series. We can’t wait to release We Were Here Together on Xbox One as well in 2020!

We’ve also been nominated as one of the top 100 games in the Adventure category on IndieDB. With less than two days of voting left, your support would be greatly appreciated!

We also would like to take the time to thank the community for another awesome year, our partners for their great support and we want to wish you all happy Holidays and hopefully a new year with even more awesomeness for you all.


Christmas Changelog

New Features:

  • Added a christmas themed puzzle to the basecamp.
  • Revamp of the default controls. Player who have played before will keep their settings.
  • Skipping a cutscene is now done by a HOLD action.

Resolved Voice Issues:

  • The incoming voice volume is no longer bound to master volume. This should fix some volume issues with the voice chat.
  • Added experimental audio settings – marked in yellow – to test out. We would love to hear any feedback regarding the functionality of these settings. (The ‘Microphone level’ slider is set to your system level by default. Adjustments are directly applied to your system microphone level)

Resolved Issues:

  • Intro animation Wall is now synced properly.
  • Mirror Room paintings should no longer fully rotate when clicked once.
  • Players should no longer be able to jump in or out of a rotating door in the cave while it is rotating to prevent softlocking.
  • Added proper controller button images to the menu.
  • Fixed several desync issues in the mirror room.
  • The purple orb pistons should now be retract on both sides in the mirror room.
  • Optimized a ton of meshes throughout the game increasing performance.
  • Selected button behaviour in the menus should now be more intuitive and consistent.
  • Fixed several audio effects.
  • Fixed some edge cases around inviting and leaving a session just before starting.
  • Gamepad horizontal/vertical look speed should feel more consistent now.
  • Changed some visual UI elements throughout the game.
  • Fixed several seams in meshes throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where spamming the ‘switch side’ button in the lobby would cause a desync.
  • Added some additional sound effects throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where players would end up in a softlock if their partner disconnected when inspecting a world element.
  • In-game menu should now work properly with a D-pad.

Known Issues we (still) intend to fix:

  • Looking for a substitute for performance-heavy fog.
  • Desync of player position in rotatable doors.
  • Credits will be made legible.
  • Textures that might be incorrect.
  • Visual inconsistencies in the throne room.
  • Falling through the world in some specific edge cases.
  • Several game freezes.

New features we are looking into:

  • Color blind support.
  • Additional voice chat options.
  • Collectables.
  • Additional checkpoints for Chapter 7.

We Were Here Together | Game update - 1.4.2

We Were Here Together

Game update - 1.4.2

It’s update time again!

We have tweaks for visual issues, collision, and some performance issues, not to mention some more fixes for walkie-talkie issues. We are particularly interested to hear if the issue with picking up microphones correctly is fixed. Future updates will see continued work on performance as well alongside more general bug squashing.

Complete list of changes and future plans

New Features

  • Added holiday event: Saint Nicholas
  • Improved the game over screen visuals
  • Added missing sound effects

Resolved Issues

  • Microphone should be picked up correctly for everyone who was having issues. If your problem still exists, please report again.
  • Walkie-talkie lighting up when you are talking instead of when your partner is talking
  • Final decision moment radial button speed now properly matches the corresponding animation, to visually match what’s happening behind the scenes
  • Missing logbook entries are now added when starting from a checkpoint
  • Improved overall menu usability
  • Improved gamepad usability
  • Increased gamepad sensitivity range
  • Improved water shader performance
  • Fixed a couple of in game visual glitches
  • Fixed issue in the mirror room allowing players to pick up a book through walls
  • Fixed reported collider issues throughout

What we are working on

  • Final decision moment will better pick up the intent of the player, 
    of the princess taking over control while you’re in the process of sacrificing someone.
  • Credits will be made legible
  • Investigating an issue where disconnecting during an inspect locks you in that inspect
  • Looking for a substitute for performance-heavy fog
  • Investigating what we can do about a rare throne room desync event

Please let us know if these fixes work for you, and keep on posting reports of any new issues you encounter via Discord or the feedback subforum. All feedback is much appreciated!

We Were Here Together | Game update – 1.3.1.

We Were Here Together

Game update – 1.3.1.

Good news everybody!

Earlier this week we released a hotfix which should resolve the issues with microphone volume dropping,
and now we’ve just released a larger update with even more in it.


Complete list of changes and future plans

Fixes included in this patch

  • Issues related to microphone levels have been resolved.
  • Added cross region friend invites.
  • Added a toggle in the gameplay settings that will make sure you connect to the region with the lowest ping. (Auto select region).
  • Added controller navigation support to the banners in the main menu.
  • Added translations for the keybinding panel.
  • Added the ability to select a different region when the connection in the title screen fails.
  • Added the ability to see what chapter is selected before joining a game.
  • Fixed some UI navigation issues.
  • Fixed an instance where the lobby background and chapter name would not be updated correctly.
  • The correct background is now shown for chapter 6 in the lobby.
  • You no longer receive a “Connection Established” popup when switching regions.
  • Fixed some minor visual errors in the game hud.
  • Fixed several instances of inventory items showing up through cutscenes.
  • Fixed an instance where the candle would not be visible.
  • Fixed a visual glitch where the candle would be visible for a single frame when scrolling through the inventory.
  • Fixed an instance where players would clip through the ceiling in forced crouch areas when opening the menu.
  • Subtitles in the basecamp should be more consistent now.
  • Snow and Cloud particles should no longer be visible when inside the basecamp.
  • You can no longer get stuck behind the outside door in the basecamp.
  • Fixed an issue where you could solve the clock puzzle with only one correct dial.
  • The board of the alchemy puzzle is now properly interactable.
  • Fixed a missing door after passing through the royal passage.
  • Removed a button click sound effect during the intro cutscene of the throne room.
  • The jester’s face now disappears in the game-over screen.
  • Keybindings for the decision moment are now correctly bound to the correct keys.
  • Reworked a lot of the rotating statue puzzle in the throne room to resolve de-sync issues. (let us know if this has truly fixed the issue).
  • Improved performance in the throne room.
  • All steam achievements are now hidden to avoid spoilers.
  • Added some Halloween decorations to the basecamp.

What we are working on

  • Proper implementation for microphone auto leveling.
  • Revamp of the control schemes.
  • Ability to select a checkpoint for all puzzles in the Overgrown chapter.
  • Collectibles that can be found throughout the game.
  • Audio leveling throughout the game.
  • Resolve performance drop caused by the volumetric fog.
  • An issue when 2 players try to join the same game at the same time.
  • Investigating an issue in the mirror room where the rotatable titles spin 360 degrees instead of 90 degrees.
  • Investigating an issue in the bridge puzzle where the clamps don’t always update correctly.
  • Investigating an issue where push to talk events are not sent to the other player, resulting in the voice chat not working at all.
  • General bug fixes for puzzles.
  • Loading speed optimizations.
  • General performance optimizations.

As always, let us know if these fixes work for you, and keep on posting reports of any new issues you encounter via Discord or the feedback subforum.
All feedback is much appreciated!

We Were Here Together | Game update – 1.2.0

We Were Here Together

Game update – 1.2.0

Today’s update brings a mix of game play and puzzle updates alongside technical tweaks to improve performance and option menus.
We also have an updated list of things we are working on.


Fixes included in this update:

  • Simplified resolution selection. (highest refresh rate is now automatically applied for the selected resolution)
  • Removed the refresh rate dropdown due to confusion.
  • Resolution dropdown now displays the current resolution properly.
  • Steam avatars now visible in server browser.
  • You can no longer get stuck behind the wooden fence in the basecamp.
  • You actually spray the poison on the plant in the greenhouse now.
  • The ceiling of the brewery should no longer be foggy.
  • Removed a “cheat” where picking the same destination 3 times would complete the puzzle.
  • Fixed some issues with menu text and subtitles.
  • After passing through the royal passage the door behind you is now closed.
  • The pipes puzzle is more consistent in updating the leak states.
  • Spamming the paintings in the mirror room should no longer result in the puzzle becoming unsolvable.
  • The clock inside the mirror room should now visually represent the correct solution.
  • You should no longer hear the puzzle complete sound twice in the mirror room.
  • Fixed some visual inconsistencies.
  • More performance optimizations.
  • Added OpenGL for older Apple Hardware (this is experimental, visual errors could occur)

What we are working on:

  • We are still investigating issues surrounding the microphone volume being pushed down.
  • General bug fixes for puzzles.
  • General performance optimizations.
  • Loading performance optimizations.
  • Game invites that fail when players are not in the same region.
  • Ability to switch region if connection fails in the title screen.
  • Ability to switch region directly from the server browser.
  • Ability to select a checkpoint for all puzzles in the Overgrown chapter.
  • Ability to see what chapter is selected before joining a lobby.
  • Visual glitches where the candle would be visible for a single frame when scrolling through the inventory.
  • Minor visual errors in the menu and lobby.
  • Controller navigation for the banners on the right side of the main menu.

If you run into new issues, please make sure to contact us via Discord or the feedback subforum.

We Were Here Together | Game Update - 1.1.0

We Were Here Together

Game Update - 1.1.0

Thanks everyone for your great comments, reviews, and general feedback!
The launch has been great, and today we have a first update to resolve some of the issues that slipped through.


Thank you all for reporting bugs back to us. We resolved already a few of the issues. It doesn’t cover everything that’s been reported yet – see the known issues section for a list of things we’re working on. Keep that feedback coming!



  • Final chapter in some rare cases didn’t trigger the same events / cut-scenes at both ends
  • Environments behind a door sometimes popped in, due to slow loading
  • In very rare occasions the Brewery area wasn’t loaded in for one of the two players
  • Pipes puzzle sometimes didn’t trigger an achievement
  • When using the 4-way pipe in the pipe puzzle the leakage isn’t always clear (visual and in sound)
  • Server browser could not be scrolled
  • Achievement when inviting a friend didn’t get triggered on some rare occasion
  • Credits list in menu didn’t always work


  • Loading times have been improved
  • Several minor performance improvements
  • Organ player is now more visible
  • Subtitles in various languages
  • Several minor improvements to the experience

Known issues / planned for future patches:

  • New Steam integration, fixing some integration issues and visuals like profile pictures
  • Microphone issues, where some players experience issues with the volume of the microphone getting adjusted
  • Players in different regions sometimes have a hard time inviting each other
  • Players are often connected to EU servers, while in another region
  • Resolution option in menu doesn’t show all available resolutions due to difference in refresh rates



This screenshot from hryule made us smile.

There was a fun stream by LIRIK, as well as one by sodapoppin. If you want to compare how quickly you solved the puzzles compared to well known streamers, take a look!

Review Roundup

We’ve been reading the reviews good and bad (mostly good, we’re happy to say) and there are lots of good points and helpful feedback. It goes without saying that leaving a review is a great way to support the game. Some were quite amusing. Here are a few we liked.

Me and my friend argued alot, fights were had, and im pretty sure a shanking was involved. 5/5 would play again.

~ crazedhunter

Some people are naturally argumentative types. If that’s you, then rest assured you can still enjoy We Were Here Together!

– Excellent story
– Incredible soundtrack
– Immersive atmosphere
– Fair price.


~ Captain Sloth

We’re very tempted to put ‘CUTE RUNNING AND JUMPING ANIMATIONS’ on the store page. After all, we trust a sloth would know a thing or two about cute.

Yeah if you want to become infuriated by your friend, and you want to infuriate your friend at the same time, pick this up.

~ Loathing Editor

Another vote for mutual infuriation. To be clear, this was a positive review 😉

good game, only buy if you are a gigabrain.

~ landocalrissian

You don’t really need a gigabrain to play We Were Here Together… but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Or find a smart friend!

Happy exploring, everyone!

We Were Here Too | Patch V.25022018

We Were Here Too

Patch V.25022018


Hi there!

Since some people are having issues starting the game we have decided to initialize our systems in stages.

During the Splashscreen you will be able to track the progress of systems being initialized. If you experience any issues during this process please let us know so we look for any issues in the specified system.

Gameplay related issues will be addressed in a future patch.

Thanks again for all of your feedback.

We Were Here Too | Patch V.21022018

We Were Here Too

Patch V.21022018

Hi everyone!

I’ve got some new patch notes for you here, this also includes the issues we have fixed in the hotfix from last week.

Patch notes V.21022018– February 21th 2018


  • We have changed some of our start up parameters to avoid resolution issues.
  • Added the possibilty to rebind the movement keys (keyboard only).
  • Updated some more names in the credits.
  • Fixed save game related crashes.


  • Fixed some issues while navigating the menus with a gamepad.
  • The pawn on the battleboard no longer loses focus after completing a stage.
  • Gamepad rebinding should now work as intended. (Revert to default will show the buttons again).


  • Dying and respawning with all secret levers pulled will now work correctly.

Save Game

  • Moved the Config.cfg to a public folder to avoid permission issues.

The file can now be found in the following location.
Windows: %userprofile%AppDataLocalLowTotal Mayhem GamesWe Were Here TooConfig
OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Total Mayhem Games/We Were Here Too/Config
Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/Total Mayhem Games/We Were Here Too/Config
Expect the old folder/file to be removed in a future update.

Video Issue

We’ve been trying to reproduce the issue on our systems without luck, however we have made some changes to the code based on the videos and reports we have collected on the forums. Please let us know if the issue has been resolved.

If you are still experiencing any issues i encourage you to join the discussions here on steam!

Thanks again for all of your feedback.