We Were Here Forever finds their way to other platforms!

We Were Here Forever finds their way to other platforms!


Hello explorers!

We’re happy to share with you all that We Were Here Forever is now coming to consoles offering cross play as well! On January 31st, explorers on console can start their adventure!
For all our dear explorers here on PC, this will be an amazing new opportunity to revisit your adventure in We Were Here Forever, now combined with a partner on console! Will your friendship be strong enough to cross beyond platforms, or is one of you getting betrayed again…

Additionally, we’re working on some fun stuff for you all, so keep your eyes out on our social media and join our Discord for updates.

Total Mayhem Merch gets snowy & spooky

limited edition  snow globe is now available in our merch store! They’re trapped here in the Mayhem dungeon, will you free one?

Shaken no stirred

And don’t miss out on our special spooky merch! Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean that scary vibes have to stop. In need of a mug, tumblr, shirt or comfy pants? We got you covered. Find the collection here. Additionally, we got other WWH merch as well, so be sure to see if there’s anything to your liking!


Yours Forever,

Total Mayhem Games

A month feels like Forever

A month feels like Forever


Dear explorers!

It’s already been a month since we released We Were Here Forever . It’s been an amazing journey working on this game and seeing you all play and enjoy it has been a treat! Thank you all for that!

As you might’ve seen, we’ve been working hard on updating the game and making it run even smoother and better. This includes bug fixing, translations, smoother gameplay, and overall improvements to the game! You can read more about this by clicking here.

Please be sure to keep your game updated and let us know if you run into any problems in the community section here on Steam.

Forever Grateful

We love seeing what you think of We Were Here Forever and your reactions have been amazing! We’ve shared some of your community reviews and press reviews, which warms our hearts forever.

Merch which isn’t here Forever

Would you like to have a piece of We Were Here Forever hanging in your own room, with our We Were Here Forever art? We have a limited stock of signed art in our merch store! Some of them are already sold out so be sure to get one, before they’re gone forever…

 You can find our merch store by clicking here.

Forever Yours,

Total Mayhem Games

It's finally here! We Were Here Forever is OUT NOW!

It's finally here!

We Were Here Forever is OUT NOW!


Dear explorers!

Being left behind and forgotten, it’s time to escape Castle Rock once more, if you’re clever…
We Were Here Forever  is out now!! You can get the game until the 17th with a 10% launch discount.

This is our biggest game yet! With over 12 hours  of gameplay, 22 puzzles and 6 chapters, it feels like we’ve been working on this game forever.

We’re super happy with how the game turned out visually too! There are a lot more areas for you to explore. Each with their own lively environment and colours.

Furthermore, the story of Castle Rock will run towards a climax and you’ll finally discover if breaking free from its curse is possible, or perhaps you’ll be trapped forever…

That is up to you, our dear explorers! Good luck and we hope to see your thoughts and experiences on social media and here on Steam.

We Were Here Forever: Fan Pack

For our determined and loyal explorers, we got a special Forever Fan Pack for the game.

This will include:

  • We Were Here Forever Game
  • We Were Here Forever Digital Artbook
  • We Were Here Forever Digital Soundtrack
  • We Were Here Forever Wallpapers

The artbook has over 150  pages and the soundtrack contains 40 songs! It’s available for $22,98. We hope you all enjoy the amazing art and music that is provided with this edition.

Furthermore, we have some new We Were Here Forever merch to celebrate the release of the game! You can find it on our merch store. Get that drip !

Special thanks to our explorers

It’s crazy to think how far we’ve become since our first student project We Were Here and we thank you, our wonderful community, for playing our games and being such amazing people! Without you guys there wouldn’t be a Total Mayhem Games and We Were Here series as we know it today, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And a SPECIAL THANKS to our beta testers! Your love and input for our series and We Were Here Forever has been really helpful!

Chronicles of Castle Rock

While you wait for your game to download, be sure to check the fifth episode of our live-action series! The finale of the series is scheduled for upcoming Thursday, the 12th. So stay tuned!

Thank you for everything dear explorers!

Yours forever,

Total Mayhem Games

We Were Here Forever is here soon!

We Were Here Forever is here soon!

A new trailer, release date and live-action series!


Dear Explorers,

We’re more than excited to share some big news about our upcoming game We Were Here Forever!

Check out our new reveal trailer here!

On May 10We Were Here Forever will be released on steam!

Bringing you more puzzles to solve, places to discover and mysteries to unravel.

Console versions will follow shortly after!

The 4th instalment in our We Were Here Series is our biggest game yet. You’ll be exploring more of Castle Rock-

what’s hiding in the dark corridors, the dungeon below as well as forgotten halls and chambers, once filled with life and joy.

A graveyard for those who’ve fallen, a chapel and even a puppet workshop are a few of the new areas awaiting your exploration…

We are Here in Live action

Besides a new trailer and release date, we have more in store for you!

In our live action show  We Were Here Stories: Chronicles of Castle Rock, the backstory of the cursed castle in the We Were Here series will be told through the eyes of resident Kees Klokkenmaker.

For those that look closely, you might find some teasers for our upcoming game…

Sale Celebrate

You can now get Were Here Too with a 85% discount!

Get it now and be ready for when We Were Here Forever comes out

Wish for Forever

If you haven’t already, be sure to wishlist We Were Here Forever,

so you’ll be notified and ready to explore on May 10th!

We Are Finally Here..completely

We Are Finally Here..completely on PlayStation


We Are Finally Here..
Completely, The We Were Here-Series on PlayStation NOW!

We Were Spreading the Love; Together

Thank you so much for your support during the release of We Were Here on PlayStation! Although there was some white noise that we needed to fix, we appreciate you all sticking with us and showing your love of the game by mass posting and liking on social media! We definitely see what you guys are doing, and it warms our heart!

Secondly, the number of explorers who shared their love through our ecard raffle is amazing! We hope that many of you were able to (re)connect by playing We Were Here Together, maybe even having a romantic Valentine’s date while you guys were at it (;

Speaking of We Were Here Together
Starting from today, February 23rd, We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together are released on PlayStation! If you previously downloaded We Were Here during its free trial, it will stay in your library forever! For those explorers who missed that boat, you can get all our games now in a We Were Here bundle! Click here..

We saw that many of you were excited to play our other games after playing We Were Here, so hopefully you guys are ready for solving more puzzles, discovering more mysteries and overall, more fun times and memories to have and create for you and your partner!

Thank you for your support!

We Were Here Together out now on Xbox One!

We Were Here Together out now on Xbox One!

We Were Here Together releases today on Xbox One!

You can get it right now.

This release means the whole We Were Here series to date is available on the Xbox – it’s still so cool for us to see our puzzle game concept go from one title on PC all the way to a three part series on PCs and console, with more exciting things to come as well!

We’ll leave you with this awesome fan art by Blue. Very appropriate for a release celebration 😉

Cheers from us at Total Mayhem Games!

We Were Here Together has an Xbox One release date

We Were Here Together has an Xbox One release date

Plus Fan Art Friday!

We’re making great progress on We Were Here Together for Xbox One – so much so, that we can announce the release date!
Console fans set your calendars for June 5th.

To celebrate this great news, we have a 25% sale for everyone on PC right now! If you’ve had your eye on We Were Here Together, now’s the time to grab it!

We also have a collection of awesome fan art!

Fan art fun!

Awesome work by player Nanofu!

This heartwarming piece by PapaNini.

The future is now soon 😉

We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on! Thanks to everyone who filled out the We Were Here survey, we’ve been going carefully through the results and there’s a lot of valuable feedback there. We’d also like to take a moment to salute the brave 193 (20% of respondents) who said that ‘jump scares’ are what they enjoy most in puzzles 😀

Keep that fan art coming, we love it! We’ll end with this screenshot taken by player Rabbit.
It could almost be a vacation photo!


Total Mayhem Team

We Were Here Together Official Soundtrack now available online!

We Were Here Together Official Soundtrack

now available online!


Do you want to listen to the chilling winds of Misty Valley, the haunting sounds of Castle Rock and the calm notes from the Base Camp without your co-op partner shouting for help all the time? We can imagine!

Great news! We just released the 🎵 We Were Here Together official soundtrack! 🎶

You can get it on iTunes…

Or stream it on Spotify!

Our lovely composer Leon van der Stel has also shared some details about the making of the music. How did the main theme came to be? You can read all about it HERE.

We Were Here Together out now on Steam!

We Were Here Together

out now on Steam!

Get it now with a launch discount!

Return to Castle Rock!

We’re so excited! The game is ready for you to play! For the first time, chill out in the Base camp
and set foot in the Antarctic snow on your way to Castle Rock.

You can get We Were Here Together right now on Steam for $12.99 / €12.99.
There is a launch discount of 5%, and players of earlier We Were Here games will get an extra 10% discount!

The third game in the We Were Here series features new game play mechanics, locations,
an inventory for you to fill with curious items, and of course new puzzles.
In response to your requests, there is more emphasis on story than ever before,
and several large environments to explore and solve puzzles within.

Your adventure will start out at the base camp…

There are several great innovations in We Were Here Together, and it’s hard for us to pick a favourite! One thing we do know is that there are some amazing new environments for you to explore on your journey from the expedition base camp to the inhospitable Antarctic mystery that is Castle Rock. Read on and we’ll tell you more about those and other features in our latest and greatest adventure yet!

Features include:

  • Even closer coop – you won’t always be split up from your partner this time. Explore together, try both sides of a puzzle for a different perspective, it’s up to you! Just don’t get too comfortable – Castle Rock has some tricks waiting for you…
  • The great outdoors – puzzle outside Castle Rock for the first time, from the deceptively cosy expedition base camp through imposing sub-zero valleys to breath-taking frozen caves.
  • Gadgets won’t save you – but they might help! Figure out how to use new equipment and gather an inventory of curious items to solve puzzles and progress towards the fateful finale in We Were Here Together.
  • You aren’t alone in Castle Rock – and this time you get to meet a fellow explorer who is trapped inside. Could they know a way out… and can you trust them?

You will travel through the icy wastes…

More than 2,000,000 people have played We Were Here and We Were Here Too since their releases. It’s amazing to see how much you all love what we’ve made, and we couldn’t have done it without the support from all of you! We’d like to give a special thanks to the alpha and beta testers with their great feedback – you’ll be getting special walkie-talkie skins as our way of showing our gratitude, along with a place in the credits!

…and who knows where you’ll end up?

But wait, there’s more!

The We Were Here Together Supporter Edition contains a special walkie-talkie skin, beautiful artworks designed especially for desktop or phone backgrounds, and almost an hour of music.

For newcomers and those who haven’t got the complete collection yet, check out the We Were Here Series Bundle! It does what it says on the can, with all three games, two supporter editions, and every soundtrack in one tidy collection.

We hope you enjoy your Antarctic adventure! Maybe you’ll even make it back alive? We’d love to hear all about your adventure, so let us know!

We Were Here Too is out now on Xbox One!

We Were Here Too is out now on Xbox One!

And We Were Here Together is only 8 days away…

Play We Were Here Too on Xbox One!

That’s right, We Were Here Too is playable on console for the first time! For those who have been living under a rock (the Jester?) we released We Were Here on Xbox in September. It was featured as part of Xbox Games Live Gold, and is still free to play for Gold members until October 15th.

Of course, we’re also getting closer to the arrival of the third game – We Were Here Together. You’ll be able to experience new areas of Castle Rock, such as this lively location…

T-minus 8 days – wishlist now!