We Were Here Too | Patch V.09022018

We Were Here Too

Patch V.09022018

Hi everyone!

Let me start off with thanking you guys for hunting down and reporting some issues you may have encountered! Let’s take a look at what today’s patch has in store for our explorers

Patch notes V.09022018 – February 9th 2018

The Stairwell

  • Fixed an issue with occlusion culling when standing in certain spots
  • Rebalanced the amount of time remaining on a wrong solution

The Arena

  • Rebalanced the time available between some of the objectives

The Elevator

  • Fixed an issue with the rotating wheel when a controller was plugged in


  • Fixed alot of minor things that would make this list too big!
  • Players can now select a region to connect with.
    Please look for the dropdown menu in the top-right when searching or creating a new game and select the region with the best ping for you
  • Increased the spacing between the lobbies when searching for a game
  • Restarting from a checkpoint after a game over should now synchronize properly between players
  • Resolved an issue with voice chat on the game over screen
  • Improved voice chat
    We managed to crack some bugs and issues, thanks for reporting them!
  • Improved readability of the text on some of the books found around the game
  • Added some missing names to the credits Sorry!

We’ll keep on improving our user experience with patches. Thanks again for all of your feedback and we hope you enjoy your time cooperating!

Patch notes: Update #5

Patch notes

Update #5

Hey everyone! Even though we’ve been very busy lately, we would like to share with you some minor improvements and additions.

Patch Notes

  • Improved stability for VR
  • VR players are no longer able to teleport over the Spike puzzle
  • Mouse sensitivity should now change properly
  • Handles in theater puzzle are more reliable
  • Film roll should now work properly
  • Spawning for VR should now work properly


  • Added new achievements
  • Implemented a new Video Player, cutscenes should cause less problems now

Please let us know if you still experience issues. Have a great weekend from the Total Mayhem Games team and make sure to follow us on Steam and our social network channels these coming weeks!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeWereHereGame/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeWereHereGame

Patch notes: Update #4

Patch notes

Update #4

Hey everyone! Update Four is brought to you from our new office space where we’ll be working on We Were Here for the upcoming months! If you still experience an issue that is listed or new issues have presented themselves please let us know in the comments.

Thank you for playing “We Were Here”,
Total Mayhem Games

Patch Notes
  • Overal stability Voice system
  • Server browser no longer scrolls to infinity
  • Ingame menu will no longer show when leaving from an inspectable state
  • Water SFX are now properly linked to audio options
  • Wind audio now linked to SFX instead of Music volume
  • Bloom for VR is disabled by default
  • Fixed a crash in the main menu for players with a slower connection
  • Some doors will no longer be interactable after being opened
  • Interaction distance for the chess game has been increased
  • Players can no longer turn the handles without locking into them
  • The text above the “Play Scene” button now updates properly
  • Microphone should regain focus after disconnecting/connecting the device
  • The current resolution is now be displayed properly in the options menu
  • The options menu is now more user friendly
  • Player movement and camera look are properly locked when browsing the ingame menu
  • Snow is now less demanding and should not bounce around anymore
  • Players should now always start loading at the same time
  • Disabled most rooms by default, they will be enabled on the run
  • Checkpoints should no longer reset
  • Matchmaking code is refactored and should smooth out the experience (let us know if any issues arise)
  • Fixed a bug where players got stuck on a blackscreen with fire sound effects


  • The options menus have been reworked
  • Voice calibration, located under audio options
  • You can now select your microphone in the audio options
  • “Play Scene” button is now a lever
  • Back/Escape as navigation options in the ingame menu
  • Several performance improvements
  • Added occlusion culling

Patch notes: Update #3

Patch notes

Update #3

As of today some new features have been implemented in the game as we continue to make it more stable. In this patch note we will highlight a couple of important fixes and features listed below.

Patch Notes
– Added a warning message when there is no microphone connected
– Several Colliders added to avoid players from going out of bounds
– You can no longer sneak past the marionette
– Theatre audio will now synchronise with audio settings
– Roaming audio won’t stop playing after skipping intro
– Fixed a bug where the film role wasn’t interactable after dropping it
– You can now click on a chesspiece to attack it, instead of the tile below it

– The last sentence of the theatre puzzle has finally been added
– You can now hear a snow storm in the final room
– Several visual improvements like the player model
– A new Room has been added for VR players when in the menu

We are aware that not all bugs might have been fixed (such as the walkie-talkie in some cases), but since we’ve already made some progress we wanted to share this with you. We would also like to thank the community for embracing our game, reporting issues and overall helping us make the game even better!

Patch notes: Update #2

Patch notes

Update #2

We are rolling out a new update that fixes several issues and adds a much-requested feature.We will continue to improve the stability of the game with future updates.

Patch Notes
  • Improved interaction with handles in the theater
  • Theater now resets properly after each correct play
  • Theater plays can no longer be cheated
  • Escape hatch in theater should no longer clip through wall
  • Several Colliders added to avoid players from going out of bounds
  • Interaction with books has been improved


  • You can now start from checkpoints (they need to be unlocked)
  • The puppet in the theater just got a whole lot scarier
  • People you have played with should be visible in Recently Played (Steam)

Thank you for playing We Were Here!

I’ve seen several posts about the theater, the solutions given in the guide are no longer correct. Some solutions given in the guide were marked as correct due to a bug.

We are aware several players are having trouble launching the game, we are doing our best to solve this problem.

Patch notes: Update #1

Patch notes

Update #1

We would like to thank everyone for playing We Were Here!

We are aware of some of the issues some players might be having and are monitoring the discussions to see what other issues arise. Below you will find a list of issues that have been fixed for this first patch.

Patch Notes
  • Resolved a crash issue related to a certain checkpoint
  • Improved interaction distance for certain objects
  • Inspecting books in VR should no longer spawn the player on random locations
  • Added colliders in several places to avoid players going out of bounds
  • Chess pieces are now a little easier to see
  • Fixed several textures
  • Total room limit has been increased


  • You can now inspect the portrait in the Study room

We are also looking into some of the feature requests posted in the reviews/discussions to see if we can make these happen.

Again a big thank you from the We Were Here team, if you have more feedback or feature requests you can post them in the Steam discussions.