We Were Here Together

Game Update 1.6.10

Patch Notes 1.6.7

We have a new update for you today! There are performance improvements, more colliders to prevent those rare moments of falling out of the level, and some desync fixes.


  • Animated dots show at the bottom right when the game is busy loading
  • Increased auto-crouch trigger size downstairs after entering the monastery
  • Xbox related objects added to the basecamp


  • Players should no longer be able to walk off the left pickaxe elevator
  • Fixed an issue causing the castle entrance puzzle not to start
  • Fixed overall missing colliders causing players to fall through the world
  • Optimized performance-heavy fog
  • Increased default voice chat volume
  • Accepting an invite just before entering gameplay from a lobby no longer leaves the other player in the void
  • Fixed an issue with rejoining your own lobby
  • DLC Store page languages now match those displayed on the base game store page
  • Fixed overall texture and mesh issues
  • Rapidly bashing the elevator buttons won’t get visually stuck anymore
  • Disabled puzzle item interaction after completing the Greenhouse area preventing players from taking unnecessary items to the next chapter
  • Fixed an issue with the pipes where the puzzle would not complete after placing the correct pipes
  • Fixed a desync issue with the throne room statues puzzle
  • Fixed visual mismatch of items picked up in the mirror room and the image displayed in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the basecamp fuel docks did not load in completely
  • Fixed visual errors with some fog areas
  • Audio of the first throne room puzzle no longer overlaps with the cutscene audio

Known Issues:

  • After the voice chat system connects both players in a session, the application volume in the OS is forced to 100%