Dear explorers!

Thank you all for a wonderful year! This year we’ve released We Were Here Forever and it was a wonderful moment for us ! Not only that, we were able to showcase the game live to fans at W.A.S.D in London and Pax East in Boston! It was great meeting some of you in person!

Celebrating Christmas Together

The base camp in We Were Here Together is all ready for Christmas celebrations! However, not everything it just a jolly good time, your help is needed!

Hidden away at your basecamp is a special puzzle with an ‘enlightening’ reward that will really get the celebrations started! This puzzle won’t be out there forever, so be sure to participate in this festive mind breaker before the end of January 5th.

12 Days of Christmas

On our Twitter page, we’ve been hosting a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway!

These will run until tomorrow (23rd), so be sure to participate while you still can!

Together Forever

One of the most important thing for us, is the way that our games bring people together. Forge new friendships and bonds, learning more about each other and create ever lasting memories. For many, the Holiday season is a special time of the year to do the same in real life.

But we also know that this doesn’t go for everyone. The wonderful people at Samaritants help those who are struggling during times like these. They have a special campaign Stream for Samaritans: Night Shift Before Christmas, which is a special charity event combined with streaming to help people who struggle with loneliness and depression during Christmas. We’re honoured to have We Were Here Forever as part of this campaign. More info and options to donate can be found here.

Total Comfiness

Many of us are relaxing during their Christmas break. Binging a movie series, playing some board games, finally reading that one book – just having a good time. What better way to do this with some comfy clothing! We got some merch for you all that will do just that! Click here to be redirected to our merch store. Maybe you’ll find more things you like.

We wish you all a happy 2023!