New We Were Here Merch store AND 10% off!

Here it is, our brand new We Were Here Merch store is now officially open!


Here it is, our brand new We Were Here Merch store is now officially open!

After numerous questions about and requests for new merch, it is finally here; our new merch store! This time we’re doing things a bit differently… We now have 3(!) different labels with each their own designs!

Have you always wanted to sport Total Mayhem Games or We Were Here merchandise and are you a big fan of the clean and the simple? Then TMG ESSENTIALS is what you have been looking for. These designs will forever be available in our store and are for the true logo loving supporter. We are extra proud of the unique and high quality of the We Were Here line. The logo is embroidered onto the products. Support your favourite indie game studio, yes that is us.

We at Total Mayhem Games design games with the players, communication and friendship in mind. Over the years we have heard numerous stories about how our games created, but also temporarily ruined, friendships. The TMG FOR FRIENDS line celebrates all those precious moments. Extra fun is our Best/Worst Friend design with which you can show your role during the playthrough. The unique feature of the TMG FOR FRIENDS line is that despite the concept staying the same, the colours and designs will be refreshed and renewed.

Every once in a while we at Total Mayhem Games like to do things differently, shake things up a little, do something out of the ordinary. The TMG LIMITED line shows what happens when our designers go total mayhem and create whatever they feel like. From Death Metal to Kawaii, from Punk to College, no genre is off limits.  As the name suggests, TMG LIMITED can only be purchased a limited period. After that period the designs are gone for good!
Or are they…?

We’d love to welcome you all and in order to celebrate the opening of our new merch store, you can use code LAUNCH2020 to get 10% off on your total purchase!

Hé PlayStation 4 fans, we’ve got a surprise for you

Hé PlayStation 4 fans, we’ve got a surprise for you


The We Were Here Series is coming to PlayStation!

You might have already seen it on our social media because we’ve been hinting the famous PlayStation signs; X△▢O. Obviously this all has to do with our latest announcement; the We Were Here series is coming to PlayStation 4 soon! No dates yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have something firmed up. Follow our social media for the latest news and We Were Here developments! And don’t forget: keep your eyes open, because we will probably have more hidden messages in the coming months…

Speaking your language – 1.7.1 update released!

Speaking your language – 1.7.1 update released!


Speaking your language – 1.7.1 update released!

We released an update which fixes a couple of issues with the Steam rich presence display, and adjusts the Russian translation on the final puzzle to be more clear. It also adds localization support for a bunch of new languages! Our Turkish explorers might see the number 1 popup every now and then but we hope to be able to fix this in the next update!

New Languages








Portuguese (Brazil)





Did you know tutkimusmatkailija means explorer in Finnish?!

We Were Here Together out now on Xbox One!

We Were Here Together out now on Xbox One!

We Were Here Together releases today on Xbox One!

You can get it right now.

This release means the whole We Were Here series to date is available on the Xbox – it’s still so cool for us to see our puzzle game concept go from one title on PC all the way to a three part series on PCs and console, with more exciting things to come as well!

We’ll leave you with this awesome fan art by Blue. Very appropriate for a release celebration 😉

Cheers from us at Total Mayhem Games!

Come watch our producer Geoff!

Come watch our producer Geoff!


Geoff was already featured in an interesting blog post on last week, which we’d recommend taking a look at if you’re interested in games dev. This week you can get more insights into the We Were Here series and more as Geoff will be taking part in an Airmeet event organized by, happening today! What can you expect exactly? We’re glad you asked!

Two industry leaders in social gaming, Geoff van den Ouden, Producer of Total Mayhem Games, and Selcuk Atli, CEO of Bunch, will share their insights on how to make games more engaging through social connection, and why you should ditch Discord and add live voice and video directly inside your game

There will also be a Q/A session and a social networking time towards the end, as well as some tips and tricks to increase a game’s user base and session times!
If that sounds good to you, check out the event here!

We Were Here Together | Game Update 1.6.10

We Were Here Together

Game Update 1.6.10

Patch Notes 1.6.7

We have a new update for you today! There are performance improvements, more colliders to prevent those rare moments of falling out of the level, and some desync fixes.


  • Animated dots show at the bottom right when the game is busy loading
  • Increased auto-crouch trigger size downstairs after entering the monastery
  • Xbox related objects added to the basecamp


  • Players should no longer be able to walk off the left pickaxe elevator
  • Fixed an issue causing the castle entrance puzzle not to start
  • Fixed overall missing colliders causing players to fall through the world
  • Optimized performance-heavy fog
  • Increased default voice chat volume
  • Accepting an invite just before entering gameplay from a lobby no longer leaves the other player in the void
  • Fixed an issue with rejoining your own lobby
  • DLC Store page languages now match those displayed on the base game store page
  • Fixed overall texture and mesh issues
  • Rapidly bashing the elevator buttons won’t get visually stuck anymore
  • Disabled puzzle item interaction after completing the Greenhouse area preventing players from taking unnecessary items to the next chapter
  • Fixed an issue with the pipes where the puzzle would not complete after placing the correct pipes
  • Fixed a desync issue with the throne room statues puzzle
  • Fixed visual mismatch of items picked up in the mirror room and the image displayed in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the basecamp fuel docks did not load in completely
  • Fixed visual errors with some fog areas
  • Audio of the first throne room puzzle no longer overlaps with the cutscene audio

Known Issues:

  • After the voice chat system connects both players in a session, the application volume in the OS is forced to 100%

Be Together on Xbox One!

Be Together on Xbox One!

The Xbox One release of We Were Here Together is releasing June 5!

That’s right, We Were Here Together is set to release June 5 on Xbox One!

Let your console owning friends and family know 😉

This is great news for all the new console fans who experienced the We Were Here series for the first time when we released the earlier games on Xbox One last year. We can’t wait to see what they think!

To celebrate this great news, we also have a 25% sale for everyone on PC too!

A screenshot of a sinister scene by Scorpiorange!

Hugs from us at Total Mayhem Games!

We Were Here Together has an Xbox One release date

We Were Here Together has an Xbox One release date

Plus Fan Art Friday!

We’re making great progress on We Were Here Together for Xbox One – so much so, that we can announce the release date!
Console fans set your calendars for June 5th.

To celebrate this great news, we have a 25% sale for everyone on PC right now! If you’ve had your eye on We Were Here Together, now’s the time to grab it!

We also have a collection of awesome fan art!

Fan art fun!

Awesome work by player Nanofu!

This heartwarming piece by PapaNini.

The future is now soon 😉

We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on! Thanks to everyone who filled out the We Were Here survey, we’ve been going carefully through the results and there’s a lot of valuable feedback there. We’d also like to take a moment to salute the brave 193 (20% of respondents) who said that ‘jump scares’ are what they enjoy most in puzzles 😀

Keep that fan art coming, we love it! We’ll end with this screenshot taken by player Rabbit.
It could almost be a vacation photo!


Total Mayhem Team

Find a Valentine's Day puzzle partner!

Find a Valentine's Day puzzle partner!

Fill out the form and make yourself a match!


This Friday is Valentine’s Day! For this special occasion, we want to match you with someone!

Whether you are looking for a special someone, a new friend, or just a nice co-op partner, we will try to find you the perfect match. There’s no better way to get to know someone than trying to solve puzzles together, after all!

We are even giving away a few Steam keys for We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together in a raffle, so you might get lucky!

Click to fill out the form!

The form is closed, thanks to everyone who filled it in!

We Were Here Too | Game Update - 1.1.5

We Were Here Too

Game Update - 1.1.5

Performance updates and fixes!

We have released an update for We Were Here Too!
Version 1.1.5 contains the following:


Performance improvements.
Reduced loading times.
Voice chat stability.
New first person camera rig.
Updated the splashscreen.


Fixed several start up crashes.
Fixed multiple weapon bug in weapons puzzle.
Fixed an issue where progression was not saved.
Fixed an issue with achievements not unlocking.
Fixed an issue where both players would spawn as Lord.
Arms no longer flicker when crouching.

Don’t forget that we’re also running a survey for only about 24 hours more, and you could win merch!

 Take the survey!

The survey is closed, thanks to everyone who filled it in!