Patch notes: Update #2

Patch notes

Update #2

We are rolling out a new update that fixes several issues and adds a much-requested feature.We will continue to improve the stability of the game with future updates.

Patch Notes
  • Improved interaction with handles in the theater
  • Theater now resets properly after each correct play
  • Theater plays can no longer be cheated
  • Escape hatch in theater should no longer clip through wall
  • Several Colliders added to avoid players from going out of bounds
  • Interaction with books has been improved


  • You can now start from checkpoints (they need to be unlocked)
  • The puppet in the theater just got a whole lot scarier
  • People you have played with should be visible in Recently Played (Steam)

Thank you for playing We Were Here!

I’ve seen several posts about the theater, the solutions given in the guide are no longer correct. Some solutions given in the guide were marked as correct due to a bug.

We are aware several players are having trouble launching the game, we are doing our best to solve this problem.

Connection errors have been resolved!

Connection errors have been resolved!

We never dreamed of being featured in the Popular New Releases section on Steam. Which is why our servers weren’t prepared for the massive spike in concurrent users we experienced last night. So when our servers started overheating, we put our heads together to find a way to upgrade our servers within the limits of our Free to Play model.

Thankfully our mentors, Rob, Bob and Geoff; who guided us through the process of making this game and releasing it to Steam, offered to pay for the server upgrades. We can now support up to 600 concurrent users, which means 250 active sessions at any given time. Unless Pewdiepie suddenly decides to stream our game to his audience, we’re in the clear 🙂

Special thanks to Rob, Geoff and Bob for looking out for us. To maintain a certain sense of privacy and anonymity, we’ve added a picture of them immortalized as in-game characters of the recently released indie games Cat Rekt, Pool Party Panic and of course We Were Here.

All games made by young indie game studios, and all mentored by them. We’d also like to thank everyone for their patience while we addressed these issues, and we hope you give our game another try if we ruined the first impression!

Unmatched popularity and crowded servers

Unmatched popularity and crowded servers

Since we launched We Were Here its popularity has only gone up. We do what we can to keep up with the demand on our servers, but for now there is still a limit to what we can achieve (and keep it FTP). So please understand that you might have to wait a bit before you can play the game due to these full servers. As for now you will see the message “A communication error has occurred” whenever the servers are overloaded. Thank you for your patience.

Patch notes: Update #1

Patch notes

Update #1

We would like to thank everyone for playing We Were Here!

We are aware of some of the issues some players might be having and are monitoring the discussions to see what other issues arise. Below you will find a list of issues that have been fixed for this first patch.

Patch Notes
  • Resolved a crash issue related to a certain checkpoint
  • Improved interaction distance for certain objects
  • Inspecting books in VR should no longer spawn the player on random locations
  • Added colliders in several places to avoid players going out of bounds
  • Chess pieces are now a little easier to see
  • Fixed several textures
  • Total room limit has been increased


  • You can now inspect the portrait in the Study room

We are also looking into some of the feature requests posted in the reviews/discussions to see if we can make these happen.

Again a big thank you from the We Were Here team, if you have more feedback or feature requests you can post them in the Steam discussions.

We Were Here Banner

We Were Here launches!

We Were Here launches!

Hello and thank you from the We Were Here team!

We’re absolutely amazed by the support and interest shown by people from the Steam community! Currently we’re hard at work trying to keep up with the demand, so if any issues arise while attempting to create a lobby please understand.

If an issue arises with the voice servers causing players to lose, or not have a stable channel to use we recommend you use a third party voice program or ofcourse wait a little bit longer while we resolve the issue.

Thank you for your patience and playing our game!