We Were Here Too | Game Update 1.1.5

Game Update 1.1.5

Performance updates and fixes!


Hi Explorers!

We have released an update for We Were Here Too!

Version 1.1.5 contains the following:


  • Performance improvements.
  • Reduced loading times.
  • Voice chat stability.
  • New first person camera rig.
  • Updated the splashscreen.


  • Fixed several start up crashes.
  • Fixed multiple weapon bug in weapons puzzle.
  • Fixed an issue where progression was not saved.
  • Fixed an issue with achievements not unlocking.
  • Fixed an issue where both players would spawn as Lord.
  • Arms no longer flicker when crouching.
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A New Year's survey!

A New Year's survey!

Happy New Year!

The Christmas lights have been put away, and the Base Camp returns to the usual cosy quietness. Our special Christmas puzzle is finished – we hope you all enjoyed it, and the fireworks that were your reward for solving it!


Here they are, in case you missed it 😉

We have some exciting plans in the pipeline for the new year – nothing to announce just yet, but watch this space!

We want you…r opinion!

For those of you with strong opinions, we’re running a survey covering topics like what you enjoy most about the We Were Here series, what kind of projects you’d like us to work on next if you were queen/king for a day, and more. After filling it out, you’ll be entered into a raffle with a chance to win some We Were Here merch!

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The survey is closed, thanks to everyone who filled it in!

Total Mayhem Games wish you all the best in the new year!

Developer Diaries - Episode 4: Total Mayhem

Developer Diaries

Episode 4: Total Mayhem

We are closing the year with our fourth and final episode of the We Were Here Together Developer Diaries! In this episode the team takes you on their own journey. Starting as a group of students and having the opportunity to establish their own independent studio is quite a ride!

Indie of the Year - Editors Choice Best Co-op 2019

Indie of the Year

Editors Choice Best Co-op 2019

We were already honored to be part of the 2019 Indie of the Year Awards Top 100,
but is absolutely amazing we won the Editors Choice Best Co-op (online or local) 2019 Award!

We want to thank IndieDB for the opportunity and of course all our fans for voting for our game!

See the complete list with all the winners HERE!

Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming…

Time to be here together

Light up the Holiday

The holidays are almost here and we have a number of special Christmas surprises for you explorers. As befits the holiday season, your Base Camp has been decorated and a new puzzle has appeared… somewhere. Let’s see if you and a friend can figure out where it is, and how to solve it. If you succeed, the festivities can begin!

A year of Total Mayhem

This past year was quite an adventure for us at the studio, full of intriguing puzzles and great highlights! One of the most memorable moments for us was the release of We Were Here Together – it was humbling to see our game in the top steam sellers for October 2019. To date we’ve almost sold 100,000 copies of We Were Here Together. Thank you all for your support!

To get a peek at how the year was for us developers, take a look at our series of Developer Diaries series:

Three episodes are live already, and the fourth and final installment will be live on December 30th!

Another cherished moment was the release of We Were Here and We Were Here Too on Xbox One. The inclusion of We Were Here in the ‘Games for Gold’ helped introduce a lot of new players to the series. We can’t wait to release We Were Here Together on Xbox One as well in 2020!

We’ve also been nominated as one of the top 100 games in the Adventure category on IndieDB. With less than two days of voting left, your support would be greatly appreciated!

We also would like to take the time to thank the community for another awesome year, our partners for their great support and we want to wish you all happy Holidays and hopefully a new year with even more awesomeness for you all.


Christmas Changelog

New Features:

  • Added a christmas themed puzzle to the basecamp.
  • Revamp of the default controls. Player who have played before will keep their settings.
  • Skipping a cutscene is now done by a HOLD action.

Resolved Voice Issues:

  • The incoming voice volume is no longer bound to master volume. This should fix some volume issues with the voice chat.
  • Added experimental audio settings – marked in yellow – to test out. We would love to hear any feedback regarding the functionality of these settings. (The ‘Microphone level’ slider is set to your system level by default. Adjustments are directly applied to your system microphone level)

Resolved Issues:

  • Intro animation Wall is now synced properly.
  • Mirror Room paintings should no longer fully rotate when clicked once.
  • Players should no longer be able to jump in or out of a rotating door in the cave while it is rotating to prevent softlocking.
  • Added proper controller button images to the menu.
  • Fixed several desync issues in the mirror room.
  • The purple orb pistons should now be retract on both sides in the mirror room.
  • Optimized a ton of meshes throughout the game increasing performance.
  • Selected button behaviour in the menus should now be more intuitive and consistent.
  • Fixed several audio effects.
  • Fixed some edge cases around inviting and leaving a session just before starting.
  • Gamepad horizontal/vertical look speed should feel more consistent now.
  • Changed some visual UI elements throughout the game.
  • Fixed several seams in meshes throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where spamming the ‘switch side’ button in the lobby would cause a desync.
  • Added some additional sound effects throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where players would end up in a softlock if their partner disconnected when inspecting a world element.
  • In-game menu should now work properly with a D-pad.

Known Issues we (still) intend to fix:

  • Looking for a substitute for performance-heavy fog.
  • Desync of player position in rotatable doors.
  • Credits will be made legible.
  • Textures that might be incorrect.
  • Visual inconsistencies in the throne room.
  • Falling through the world in some specific edge cases.
  • Several game freezes.

New features we are looking into:

  • Color blind support.
  • Additional voice chat options.
  • Collectables.
  • Additional checkpoints for Chapter 7.

Developer Diaries - Episode 3: Piece of the Puzzle

Developer Diaries

Episode 3: Piece of the Puzzle

The latest developer diary video about the creation of We Were Here Together is here! The series gives you an insight on the creation of the co-op puzzle adventure. In this third episode, the designers are reliving the process of coming up with and creating the puzzles of We Were Here. But what about testing? We might have some extraordinary ways to do so…

Watch the episode below:

Developer Diaries - Episode 2: Mysteries of Misty Valley

Developer Diaries

Episode 2: Mysteries of Misty Valley

Join us again for another behind the scenes look at the making of We Were Here Together! In this second of four episodes, we discuss the environments of We Were Here Together, how we brought them to life, and how we incorporated the puzzles in a natural way.

The series will cover the challenges the team faced while designing the latest entry in the co-op series and what new features were added during production to evolve the experience. Watch Episode 2: Mysteries of Misty Valley below!

We Were Here Together | Game update - 1.4.2

We Were Here Together

Game update - 1.4.2

It’s update time again!

We have tweaks for visual issues, collision, and some performance issues, not to mention some more fixes for walkie-talkie issues. We are particularly interested to hear if the issue with picking up microphones correctly is fixed. Future updates will see continued work on performance as well alongside more general bug squashing.

Complete list of changes and future plans

New Features

  • Added holiday event: Saint Nicholas
  • Improved the game over screen visuals
  • Added missing sound effects

Resolved Issues

  • Microphone should be picked up correctly for everyone who was having issues. If your problem still exists, please report again.
  • Walkie-talkie lighting up when you are talking instead of when your partner is talking
  • Final decision moment radial button speed now properly matches the corresponding animation, to visually match what’s happening behind the scenes
  • Missing logbook entries are now added when starting from a checkpoint
  • Improved overall menu usability
  • Improved gamepad usability
  • Increased gamepad sensitivity range
  • Improved water shader performance
  • Fixed a couple of in game visual glitches
  • Fixed issue in the mirror room allowing players to pick up a book through walls
  • Fixed reported collider issues throughout

What we are working on

  • Final decision moment will better pick up the intent of the player, 
    of the princess taking over control while you’re in the process of sacrificing someone.
  • Credits will be made legible
  • Investigating an issue where disconnecting during an inspect locks you in that inspect
  • Looking for a substitute for performance-heavy fog
  • Investigating what we can do about a rare throne room desync event

Please let us know if these fixes work for you, and keep on posting reports of any new issues you encounter via Discord or the feedback subforum. All feedback is much appreciated!

Developer Diaries – Composing the We Were Here Together Theme

Developer Diaries

Composing the We Were Here Together Theme

Hi everyone!

My name is Leon van der Stel and I’ll be talking today about the creation of the main theme for We Were Here Together.
The first and second We Were Here games share the same main theme. For the third entry in the series, we wanted a new main theme – the classic We Were Here atmosphere in a new jacket. I would like to take you into the story behind the main theme and the choices that were made along the way. At different sections I’ll link to audio clips. These are interim versions and ideas for the main theme that show the development process well.

For the people who want to play the main theme themselves, I made sheet music, which you can find at the end of this dev diary. Finally, I want to thank Jos Platschorre for helping to compose the main theme with his grandiose guitar playing, and Tom Hartman for his support and feedback.

The author, making music.

The process

The most important thing with each piece of music is which feeling it must express. Since We Were Here Together is about two explorers alone in Antarctica, the terms cold, deserted and isolated occurred to me. Although these were good terms, there was still something missing in my opinion. In the story, the other two explorers become hopeful when their emergency signal is fired into the air. Therefore the word hope should also be included in the overall picture.

Now that the atmosphere has been determined, how do you implement this, and with which instruments? This is a question that you can only answer by getting started and carefully directing the result at every step. Having said that, I thought it would be cool to take the first steps with some guitar.

This idea was inspired by the OST of The Last of Us, and it was in line with the direction which the TMG team and I wanted to go. My goal was to raise the standard to produce a greater result and I felt that this could only be achieved by involving other musicians. Fortunately I knew a good guitarist, Jos Platschorre, whose playing style would fit well with what I had in mind. After a phone call he agreed to help me to make something beautiful.

Below are some of the first jams with Jos that had the most impact on the end result:

Jam 1A: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hBcBzJ6AHzFiIa8lKR-POas_0cztGHF1
Jam 1B: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vXODQNocPnziMArbSZu-jo5S2QHL4jbn
Jam 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19M0KITCgaRhj0bCu0_wk_Rgs2VbA8F5n

When listening to the above jams, several parts immediately jumped out that fit well with the new main theme vibe. Keeping in mind the cold and isolated atmosphere, the start of jam 2 was very satisfying. This stayed into place since then. After jam 1A was recorded, I had the impression that a strum style could fit in boldly with this (jam 1B). Although the Total Mayhem Games team was delighted with the vibe of these early jams, a simple and recognizable melody was still missing. Based on these jams, I came up with the following melody, to be played on the piano. The chord changes, the guitar style and the melody were the starting point for the next step.

Jam 3 – Piano melody: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13WdJvoi7V5Gr9ewBu8Dq953SpYKe6sGF

The following fragment contains the points above combined with the melody partially incorporated. In the second part I experimented with midi controller pads and vocals.

Jam 4: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FvuxmTSr_Bda9ys4DZJZ0VotSRsYS3aq

At this point it was starting to become more viable and I was pleased with how the melody was incorporated with the guitar scrum. However, it still didn’t jive just yet; it sounded more like a loop. I was fortunate at this point to get some good advice from talented musician Tom Hartman on how it could potentially be turned into a good swinging melody that tells a story. Below is a take that he sent during a meeting. This recording inspired me during the composition of the end result.

Jam 5: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1T3fy3hIFwqJBtkhlFWiVVMymqaCbXcnk

So with this new jam in mind, I went back to the drawing board. The following jam (which is divided into two audio clips) was created by editing the old jams to be closer to the feel of Tom’s recorded take (jam 5). Based on these new ideas, I selected a high pitched piano to incorporate into the theme – this piano with a lot of echo gave a hopeful feeling, which you’ll recall is one of the expressions I added to my list at the beginning.

Jam 6: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1x4jtyLCMuY-arcSdi3HBxjAuhojQOFKs
Jam 7: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eJB9MhZTF1i-l95vfVN5GVHVV75YcLWM

This is NOT what the composition process looked like, for the record.

Fitting the pieces together

As you can see, every decision at each step has had a part in shaping the music into what it is today. Although many ideas were collected, a complete composition was still missing. Even though the individual parts sounded good, the overall composition is what makes or breaks it as a piece of music. From this point on, I didn’t want to create new content anymore, but instead wanted to use what I had.

During this stage, the guitarist and I tried various parts on the spot in different combinations and listened for what felt best. Afterwards the composition was recorded in six takes. The last addition that has been made to the main theme was done by not ending with the tonic. This gives a dissonant / out-of-place feeling that is also in line with some of our aforementioned expressions: cold, deserted and isolated.

And so, the final composition was:

Intro: Beginning of Jam 3
Section A: Main tune (Jam 6 + Jam 7)
Section B: Start Jam 2 with the main guitar style of the main tune
Section C: Section A, but layered with high pitched piano and pads

In summary, it has been a long journey. My secret ingredient is taking little steps, building upon things that feel right along the way, and to simply ask for help when necessary to get to the next stage. This is not just for music! The same strategy could be applied to all things and decisions in life.

If you are interested in playing the theme yourself, don’t forget to check the main theme sheet music below.
If you prefer just listening, you should visit our new Spotify channel! Peace out 😀

Main Theme sheet music links

Interactive online: https://flat.io/score/5d73748133d5ed32e1fc61d1-we-were-here-together-main-theme?sharingKey=93101f350e5331c1530d8eaae0cef7960c0cc9249bb4d065446c8be2936d13a04b2af7e6347f9a94aceeccadafc70dbffe8b0a7f7a6f1025898b49db068fd90e
PDF: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1blfLqwVgHn9YvQVsVNtza-6dfB1jv7ia

Cheers Leon

We Were Here Together Official Soundtrack now available online!

We Were Here Together Official Soundtrack

now available online!


Do you want to listen to the chilling winds of Misty Valley, the haunting sounds of Castle Rock and the calm notes from the Base Camp without your co-op partner shouting for help all the time? We can imagine!

Great news! We just released the 🎵 We Were Here Together official soundtrack! 🎶

You can get it on iTunes…

Or stream it on Spotify!

Our lovely composer Leon van der Stel has also shared some details about the making of the music. How did the main theme came to be? You can read all about it HERE.