Patch notes

Update #3

As of today some new features have been implemented in the game as we continue to make it more stable. In this patch note we will highlight a couple of important fixes and features listed below.

Patch Notes
– Added a warning message when there is no microphone connected
– Several Colliders added to avoid players from going out of bounds
– You can no longer sneak past the marionette
– Theatre audio will now synchronise with audio settings
– Roaming audio won’t stop playing after skipping intro
– Fixed a bug where the film role wasn’t interactable after dropping it
– You can now click on a chesspiece to attack it, instead of the tile below it

– The last sentence of the theatre puzzle has finally been added
– You can now hear a snow storm in the final room
– Several visual improvements like the player model
– A new Room has been added for VR players when in the menu

We are aware that not all bugs might have been fixed (such as the walkie-talkie in some cases), but since we’ve already made some progress we wanted to share this with you. We would also like to thank the community for embracing our game, reporting issues and overall helping us make the game even better!