We Were Here Too

Patch V.09022018

Hi everyone!

Let me start off with thanking you guys for hunting down and reporting some issues you may have encountered! Let’s take a look at what today’s patch has in store for our explorers

Patch notes V.09022018 – February 9th 2018

The Stairwell

  • Fixed an issue with occlusion culling when standing in certain spots
  • Rebalanced the amount of time remaining on a wrong solution

The Arena

  • Rebalanced the time available between some of the objectives

The Elevator

  • Fixed an issue with the rotating wheel when a controller was plugged in


  • Fixed alot of minor things that would make this list too big!
  • Players can now select a region to connect with.
    Please look for the dropdown menu in the top-right when searching or creating a new game and select the region with the best ping for you
  • Increased the spacing between the lobbies when searching for a game
  • Restarting from a checkpoint after a game over should now synchronize properly between players
  • Resolved an issue with voice chat on the game over screen
  • Improved voice chat
    We managed to crack some bugs and issues, thanks for reporting them!
  • Improved readability of the text on some of the books found around the game
  • Added some missing names to the credits Sorry!

We’ll keep on improving our user experience with patches. Thanks again for all of your feedback and we hope you enjoy your time cooperating!