Patch notes

Update #2

We are rolling out a new update that fixes several issues and adds a much-requested feature.We will continue to improve the stability of the game with future updates.

Patch Notes
  • Improved interaction with handles in the theater
  • Theater now resets properly after each correct play
  • Theater plays can no longer be cheated
  • Escape hatch in theater should no longer clip through wall
  • Several Colliders added to avoid players from going out of bounds
  • Interaction with books has been improved


  • You can now start from checkpoints (they need to be unlocked)
  • The puppet in the theater just got a whole lot scarier
  • People you have played with should be visible in Recently Played (Steam)

Thank you for playing We Were Here!

I’ve seen several posts about the theater, the solutions given in the guide are no longer correct. Some solutions given in the guide were marked as correct due to a bug.

We are aware several players are having trouble launching the game, we are doing our best to solve this problem.