We Were Here Together

Game update – 1.2.0

Today’s update brings a mix of game play and puzzle updates alongside technical tweaks to improve performance and option menus.
We also have an updated list of things we are working on.


Fixes included in this update:

  • Simplified resolution selection. (highest refresh rate is now automatically applied for the selected resolution)
  • Removed the refresh rate dropdown due to confusion.
  • Resolution dropdown now displays the current resolution properly.
  • Steam avatars now visible in server browser.
  • You can no longer get stuck behind the wooden fence in the basecamp.
  • You actually spray the poison on the plant in the greenhouse now.
  • The ceiling of the brewery should no longer be foggy.
  • Removed a “cheat” where picking the same destination 3 times would complete the puzzle.
  • Fixed some issues with menu text and subtitles.
  • After passing through the royal passage the door behind you is now closed.
  • The pipes puzzle is more consistent in updating the leak states.
  • Spamming the paintings in the mirror room should no longer result in the puzzle becoming unsolvable.
  • The clock inside the mirror room should now visually represent the correct solution.
  • You should no longer hear the puzzle complete sound twice in the mirror room.
  • Fixed some visual inconsistencies.
  • More performance optimizations.
  • Added OpenGL for older Apple Hardware (this is experimental, visual errors could occur)

What we are working on:

  • We are still investigating issues surrounding the microphone volume being pushed down.
  • General bug fixes for puzzles.
  • General performance optimizations.
  • Loading performance optimizations.
  • Game invites that fail when players are not in the same region.
  • Ability to switch region if connection fails in the title screen.
  • Ability to switch region directly from the server browser.
  • Ability to select a checkpoint for all puzzles in the Overgrown chapter.
  • Ability to see what chapter is selected before joining a lobby.
  • Visual glitches where the candle would be visible for a single frame when scrolling through the inventory.
  • Minor visual errors in the menu and lobby.
  • Controller navigation for the banners on the right side of the main menu.

If you run into new issues, please make sure to contact us via Discord or the feedback subforum.