Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming…

Time to be here together

Light up the Holiday

The holidays are almost here and we have a number of special Christmas surprises for you explorers. As befits the holiday season, your Base Camp has been decorated and a new puzzle has appeared… somewhere. Let’s see if you and a friend can figure out where it is, and how to solve it. If you succeed, the festivities can begin!

A year of Total Mayhem

This past year was quite an adventure for us at the studio, full of intriguing puzzles and great highlights! One of the most memorable moments for us was the release of We Were Here Together – it was humbling to see our game in the top steam sellers for October 2019. To date we’ve almost sold 100,000 copies of We Were Here Together. Thank you all for your support!

To get a peek at how the year was for us developers, take a look at our series of Developer Diaries series:

Three episodes are live already, and the fourth and final installment will be live on December 30th!

Another cherished moment was the release of We Were Here and We Were Here Too on Xbox One. The inclusion of We Were Here in the ‘Games for Gold’ helped introduce a lot of new players to the series. We can’t wait to release We Were Here Together on Xbox One as well in 2020!

We’ve also been nominated as one of the top 100 games in the Adventure category on IndieDB. With less than two days of voting left, your support would be greatly appreciated!

We also would like to take the time to thank the community for another awesome year, our partners for their great support and we want to wish you all happy Holidays and hopefully a new year with even more awesomeness for you all.


Christmas Changelog

New Features:

  • Added a christmas themed puzzle to the basecamp.
  • Revamp of the default controls. Player who have played before will keep their settings.
  • Skipping a cutscene is now done by a HOLD action.

Resolved Voice Issues:

  • The incoming voice volume is no longer bound to master volume. This should fix some volume issues with the voice chat.
  • Added experimental audio settings – marked in yellow – to test out. We would love to hear any feedback regarding the functionality of these settings. (The ‘Microphone level’ slider is set to your system level by default. Adjustments are directly applied to your system microphone level)

Resolved Issues:

  • Intro animation Wall is now synced properly.
  • Mirror Room paintings should no longer fully rotate when clicked once.
  • Players should no longer be able to jump in or out of a rotating door in the cave while it is rotating to prevent softlocking.
  • Added proper controller button images to the menu.
  • Fixed several desync issues in the mirror room.
  • The purple orb pistons should now be retract on both sides in the mirror room.
  • Optimized a ton of meshes throughout the game increasing performance.
  • Selected button behaviour in the menus should now be more intuitive and consistent.
  • Fixed several audio effects.
  • Fixed some edge cases around inviting and leaving a session just before starting.
  • Gamepad horizontal/vertical look speed should feel more consistent now.
  • Changed some visual UI elements throughout the game.
  • Fixed several seams in meshes throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where spamming the ‘switch side’ button in the lobby would cause a desync.
  • Added some additional sound effects throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where players would end up in a softlock if their partner disconnected when inspecting a world element.
  • In-game menu should now work properly with a D-pad.

Known Issues we (still) intend to fix:

  • Looking for a substitute for performance-heavy fog.
  • Desync of player position in rotatable doors.
  • Credits will be made legible.
  • Textures that might be incorrect.
  • Visual inconsistencies in the throne room.
  • Falling through the world in some specific edge cases.
  • Several game freezes.

New features we are looking into:

  • Color blind support.
  • Additional voice chat options.
  • Collectables.
  • Additional checkpoints for Chapter 7.

We Were Here Together Official Soundtrack now available online!

We Were Here Together Official Soundtrack

now available online!


Do you want to listen to the chilling winds of Misty Valley, the haunting sounds of Castle Rock and the calm notes from the Base Camp without your co-op partner shouting for help all the time? We can imagine!

Great news! We just released the 🎵 We Were Here Together official soundtrack! 🎶

You can get it on iTunes…

Or stream it on Spotify!

Our lovely composer Leon van der Stel has also shared some details about the making of the music. How did the main theme came to be? You can read all about it HERE.

We Were Here Together out now on Steam!

We Were Here Together

out now on Steam!

Get it now with a launch discount!

Return to Castle Rock!

We’re so excited! The game is ready for you to play! For the first time, chill out in the Base camp
and set foot in the Antarctic snow on your way to Castle Rock.

You can get We Were Here Together right now on Steam for $12.99 / €12.99.
There is a launch discount of 5%, and players of earlier We Were Here games will get an extra 10% discount!

The third game in the We Were Here series features new game play mechanics, locations,
an inventory for you to fill with curious items, and of course new puzzles.
In response to your requests, there is more emphasis on story than ever before,
and several large environments to explore and solve puzzles within.

Your adventure will start out at the base camp…

There are several great innovations in We Were Here Together, and it’s hard for us to pick a favourite! One thing we do know is that there are some amazing new environments for you to explore on your journey from the expedition base camp to the inhospitable Antarctic mystery that is Castle Rock. Read on and we’ll tell you more about those and other features in our latest and greatest adventure yet!

Features include:

  • Even closer coop – you won’t always be split up from your partner this time. Explore together, try both sides of a puzzle for a different perspective, it’s up to you! Just don’t get too comfortable – Castle Rock has some tricks waiting for you…
  • The great outdoors – puzzle outside Castle Rock for the first time, from the deceptively cosy expedition base camp through imposing sub-zero valleys to breath-taking frozen caves.
  • Gadgets won’t save you – but they might help! Figure out how to use new equipment and gather an inventory of curious items to solve puzzles and progress towards the fateful finale in We Were Here Together.
  • You aren’t alone in Castle Rock – and this time you get to meet a fellow explorer who is trapped inside. Could they know a way out… and can you trust them?

You will travel through the icy wastes…

More than 2,000,000 people have played We Were Here and We Were Here Too since their releases. It’s amazing to see how much you all love what we’ve made, and we couldn’t have done it without the support from all of you! We’d like to give a special thanks to the alpha and beta testers with their great feedback – you’ll be getting special walkie-talkie skins as our way of showing our gratitude, along with a place in the credits!

…and who knows where you’ll end up?

But wait, there’s more!

The We Were Here Together Supporter Edition contains a special walkie-talkie skin, beautiful artworks designed especially for desktop or phone backgrounds, and almost an hour of music.

For newcomers and those who haven’t got the complete collection yet, check out the We Were Here Series Bundle! It does what it says on the can, with all three games, two supporter editions, and every soundtrack in one tidy collection.

We hope you enjoy your Antarctic adventure! Maybe you’ll even make it back alive? We’d love to hear all about your adventure, so let us know!

Return to Castle Rock in just one week...

Return to Castle Rock in just one week...

One week left before release on October 10!

Give us the details!

There’s only one week to go before we release We Were Here Together to the world!

The game will be sold for $12.99. Players of earlier We Were Here games will get a 10% discount. This means if you buy We Were Here Too (which just happens to be 50% off right now) you’ll get 10% off We Were Here Together!

A big thank you to all our testers!

We would like to once again express our gratitude to everyone who has joined our alpha and beta tests. Your feedback has been truly invaluable. We split up puzzles into a series of different playtest sessions so as not to give away the plot of the game, and we appreciate the patience from everyone playing in this unusual way! Tester comments have helped us improve the puzzles themselves, how people navigate through the new environments, and to generally polish everything up even more.

By way of saying thanks, we will be granting special custom walkie-talkie skins to all testers! Alpha testers will get a bronze walkie-talkie skin and beta testers a silver one. Check them out!

Aren’t they beautiful?

Xbox One News

Both We Were Here and We Were Here Too are out on Xbox One, where they’ve had a great reception. Today we can announce that We Were Here Together will also get an Xbox One release! When? We’ll let you know as soon as we can!

Seven days…

And you can expect more exciting reveals and activities before release day! Keep up to date on our social media channels as well as here on Steam. There’s still time to add We Were Here Together to your wishlist – get a notification when the game launches and make sure not to miss the loyalty discount!

We Were Here Too is out now on Xbox One!

We Were Here Too is out now on Xbox One!

And We Were Here Together is only 8 days away…

Play We Were Here Too on Xbox One!

That’s right, We Were Here Too is playable on console for the first time! For those who have been living under a rock (the Jester?) we released We Were Here on Xbox in September. It was featured as part of Xbox Games Live Gold, and is still free to play for Gold members until October 15th.

Of course, we’re also getting closer to the arrival of the third game – We Were Here Together. You’ll be able to experience new areas of Castle Rock, such as this lively location…

T-minus 8 days – wishlist now!

We Were Here out now on Xbox One!

We Were Here out now on Xbox One!

Xbox Live Gold members play for free… and the second entry in the series will hit Xbox One on October 2!

We Were Here is out now on Xbox One, and is free for Xbox Live Gold members until October 15th – time to start looking for the ‘golden’ puzzle solving partner to join you! It is the first of the We Were Here series to arrive on Xbox One, with the sequel We Were Here Too scheduled for release just a few weeks later on October 2nd. You can pre-order We Were Here Too now for a 10% discount!

Download the Press Kit here.

Watch the trailer:

These cooperative first person puzzle games challenge you and a partner to solve puzzles inside a sinister Antarctic castle as you try to find a way to escape. The two of you are split up in different areas of the citadel, and must use your walkie-talkies to communicate what you can see and work out solutions together.

Project Lead Lucia de Visser said: “We’re hugely grateful to Microsoft for their trust and support in bringing We Were Here to Xbox One. Seeing our games appear on Xbox has been a goal for our team for a long time, and it’s wonderful to see it happening. We can’t wait to find out what new players will think of their first visit to Castle Rock.”

The We Were Here series has been a great success on PC with more than 1.5 million We Were Here downloads and almost 500,000 copies of We Were Here Too sold on PC, and more is to come! The eagerly awaited third entry – We Were Here Together – is slated for release on PC October 10.

We Were Here Too coming to Xbox One on October 2nd!

We Were Here Too coming to Xbox One on October 2nd!

The original We Were Here launched on Xbox One today,
and is free for Xbox Live Gold members.

That’s right, We Were Here Too will be released on Xbox One this coming October 2nd,
which is great news for hungry puzzle fans on console! You can pre-order already for a discount.

For PC gamers, the third game We Were Here Together is drawing ever closer to a Steam release…
we’ll be revealing more teasers so keep your eyes open!

Return to the Antarctic this October 10th!

Return to the Antarctic this October 10th!

We Were Here Together has an official release date: October 10!

The latest entry in the We Were Here series will feature new puzzles, more hours of gameplay, and much more. Here are three notable new features, in picture form!

Explore… outside of Castle Rock for the first time!

Explore… all new areas of Castle Rock!

Explore… and discover equipment in addition to the walkie-talkie!

We’ll be releasing more teasers as we get closer to release, so watch this space

The We Were Here series on Xbox One

For those of you with consoles, or console owning friends, we’re happy to announce that the We Were Here series is coming to Xbox One! More specifically:

  • We Were Here will be released on September 16th, and will be free to Xbox Live Gold members until October 15th.
  • We Were Here Too will be released not much later…
  • And We Were Here Together? Let’s first get it on PC! 😉

For all the latest info on the We Were Here series, you should join our Discord channel (also great for matchmaking!), follow the news on our Twitter or learn more about our team on Instagram!

Last but not least, you can get a taste of the atmosphere with this sweet 360 screenshot!

Heading towards Castle Rock!

Heading towards Castle Rock!

Beta Tests

We have completed another beta testing session, including some in person tests and tests with people who aren’t so familiar with the series. Thanks to everyone who took part, we got some great feedback 🙂

The release is on track for later this year, and we can’t wait to share a date with you once everything is finalized – these beta tests mark a major step towards that goal! Now, let’s reveal a few more details for you all.

New location and a new walkie-talkie!

Behold a brand new area of Castle Rock, revealed for the first time! It’s also the first time you’ve got a glimpse of the castle from the outside, at least in-game. As the snowfall becomes heavier, even this dark and imposing place can begin to look like a sanctuary. You might know better, but your hapless characters unfortunately do not…

Are you ready to return to Castle Rock? You have never seen this part of the castle before…

Today’s new teaser screenshots also show off the new walkie-talkie model for We Were Here Together – we love it already! See how the walkie-talkies have evolved through the three games so far:

From left to right: We Were Here, We Were Here Too, WWHT supporter gold walkie, and We Were Here Together. Which is your favourite?

News on the way…

Stay tuned to our frequency, as we will have news about the We Were Here series every month from here on out until the release, so keep up to date by keeping an eye on our posts here or on Twitter or Facebook!

New screenshot from EGX!

New screenshot from EGX!

Progress is going great on We Were Here Together! Check out this screenshot from the demo we showed off at EGX… it’s probably much cosier than you’re used to in the first two games 😉

We also have some great news for your puzzle loving, console owning friends – both We Were Here Too and the original We Were Here are coming to Xbox One! We will share more details about pricing and release dates in the near future – stay tuned.