Heading towards Castle Rock!

Beta Tests

We have completed another beta testing session, including some in person tests and tests with people who aren’t so familiar with the series. Thanks to everyone who took part, we got some great feedback 🙂

The release is on track for later this year, and we can’t wait to share a date with you once everything is finalized – these beta tests mark a major step towards that goal! Now, let’s reveal a few more details for you all.

New location and a new walkie-talkie!

Behold a brand new area of Castle Rock, revealed for the first time! It’s also the first time you’ve got a glimpse of the castle from the outside, at least in-game. As the snowfall becomes heavier, even this dark and imposing place can begin to look like a sanctuary. You might know better, but your hapless characters unfortunately do not…

Are you ready to return to Castle Rock? You have never seen this part of the castle before…

Today’s new teaser screenshots also show off the new walkie-talkie model for We Were Here Together – we love it already! See how the walkie-talkies have evolved through the three games so far:

From left to right: We Were Here, We Were Here Too, WWHT supporter gold walkie, and We Were Here Together. Which is your favourite?

News on the way…

Stay tuned to our frequency, as we will have news about the We Were Here series every month from here on out until the release, so keep up to date by keeping an eye on our posts here or on Twitter or Facebook!