Connection errors have been resolved!

We never dreamed of being featured in the Popular New Releases section on Steam. Which is why our servers weren’t prepared for the massive spike in concurrent users we experienced last night. So when our servers started overheating, we put our heads together to find a way to upgrade our servers within the limits of our Free to Play model.

Thankfully our mentors, Rob, Bob and Geoff; who guided us through the process of making this game and releasing it to Steam, offered to pay for the server upgrades. We can now support up to 600 concurrent users, which means 250 active sessions at any given time. Unless Pewdiepie suddenly decides to stream our game to his audience, we’re in the clear 🙂

Special thanks to Rob, Geoff and Bob for looking out for us. To maintain a certain sense of privacy and anonymity, we’ve added a picture of them immortalized as in-game characters of the recently released indie games Cat Rekt, Pool Party Panic and of course We Were Here.

All games made by young indie game studios, and all mentored by them. We’d also like to thank everyone for their patience while we addressed these issues, and we hope you give our game another try if we ruined the first impression!