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Patch Notes v1.0.22

Explorers! The team @ Total Mayhem Games is working very hard to bring you the best experience. We have noticed that some of you have experienced some issues (probably due to some trickery of the Jester), and we are trying to help you out!

We have just released a patch, already containing the following changes:

  • Engagement screen fix: Progress after failed to connect to voice server (with option to progress without voice chat)
  • Engagement screen fix: Stuck at retrieving firends list
  • Issues with the Friends Menu
  • An issue at the transition from Memento to The Illusions, breaking the game
  • The scene sometimes not being loaded in Overforged / The Foundry
  • Some minor (visual) issues
Potential fixes
  • Black screen when loading / resuming a Journey
  • Progression not properly loaded (missing progress)
  • Long load times on friends list
  • Platform / lift missing in the Crossroads
  • It’s now possible to cycle through saved journeys
  • The roles of players and swapping is now clearly visible
  • DirectX 11 is now enabled by default. DirectX 12 can be selected if desired

If you still run into any issues, please check out our support page:

For some direct support, reach out to us on our socials or join our Discord server;

All the love from the team @ Total Mayhem Games!