Merch, Rezzed, and on the lookout for new beta testers...

Merch, Rezzed, and on the lookout for new beta testers...

Play new puzzles at Rezzed London

We had such a good time at EGX last year that we are returning to Rezzed London this week! You can find us at our stand SV6B (1-4) in the South Vaults from April 4-6. We have new and unseen puzzles in a new area of the game to show off, so come check it out even if you came by at EGX. Hope to see you there!

We Were Here Merch!

Walkie-talkie iPhone cases and We Were Here beanies made their debut at EGX last year, and now you can get one of your own – not to mention new Jester t-shirts!

Early Puzzle Testers

Development on We Were Here Together is going well, and the feedback from our current testers has been very helpful. So much so that we’re looking to invite a few more people to test our work-in-progress builds of the game! Read all about it in our earlier post!

On the lookout for new puzzle testers!

On the lookout for new puzzle testers!

Hello Antarctic explorers! We are looking for more people to give feedback on our early versions of the new puzzles. The testing will be done between April 5th and May 3rd. If you think that you and a friend might be up for it, read on!

How will it work?

We will release a new puzzle every Friday. The first puzzle will be released on the 5th of April at 19:00. The last puzzle will be released on the 3rd of May. Puzzles are fully playable for two people, but not yet polished to the high standard you can expect from us in the final release. When you are selected, we will assign you a single puzzle / area to play in a particular week, based on when you’re available. More time may be granted for testing if we decide a puzzle could benefit from additional testing and feedback.

On top of having the opportunity to see new puzzles develop, testers will get credited in the game with their Steam profile name.The first 100 applicants who fit our requirements will be accepted into the testing program. If you aren’t one of the first 100, don’t feel disappointed yet as we might still ask you to join testing in the future if it turns out that we need additional testers.

How can I join?

There has been a lot of interest in testing the game, and therefore we’re closing applications for now. Thanks to everyone who has mailed us and you will all receive an answer, but it might take a bit longer than expected due to the volume of requests. Thanks for your patience!

Include the following:

  • Your Steam profile name.
  • Your partner’s Steam profile name.
  • A short explanation of why you two want to join the testing and why you think you could be helpful.
  • Which weeks (running from Friday to Thursday) you and your partner are available for testing.

Note that, depending on the test, you will spend between 30 minutes and two hours on testing.
After you submit your email we’ll get back to you with more information. You and your partner don’t both need to submit an email, one between you is enough!

Please note that there are certain requirements that will be used to determine who will be selected for puzzle testing.



  • You have to be able to play the game in at least one of the weeks within the given timeframe.
  • You have played We Were Here (Too) for at least an hour.
  • Your Steam profile level is at least level 4.
  • Your Steam profile is visible to us, so we can check these requirements.
  • You have to be able to record both video and the audio of your playing session, and send them to us.
  • You are able to give written feedback to us about your experience playing an early puzzle.
  • You can communicate with us via our Discord.


You will also be asked to agree to the following NDA:

Non-Disclosure Agreement
In taking part in this early testing, you agree not to share information, screenshots, or video relating to the puzzles you experience. It goes without saying that the magic of the game is figuring out the puzzles with a friend, so we need to control what information is released before the game comes out. We hope you understand and appreciate your cooperation!

Our current testers have been exceptional with their comments and suggestions, and we’re hugely grateful. If you’d like to join them, we look forward to hearing from you!

Walkie Talk - Inspiration



Welcome to our first We Were Here Together dev blog! Our plan is to use these posts to talk a bit about our creative process, show off some work-in-progress assets, and generally lift the curtain a little on how we develop our games.

For this first blog, we’ll look at some of the places we take inspiration from when creating assets and designing locations for We Were Here Together. We draw inspiration from all kinds of things as we work on our games – anything from photographs to painted artwork to bits of old stories and legends can be useful! Here are a few of the images we’ve been using as we work on the base camp – a new location you’ll be able to explore together in We Were Here Together, the next game in our coop puzzle series!

The first image is from Scott’s Hut in Antarctica, which was built in 1911, last saw use in 1917, and is still standing today. It’s well preserved due to the incredible cold! Naturally the structures you’ll see in the new game will be more modern, but in terms of layout and general atmosphere Scott’s Hut is still great inspiration.

The second image is more modern. Of course the walkie-talkies will still be a central part of the game in We Were Here Together, and communication in general is vital in any expedition to unexplored places. The mess of devices and cables is also appropriate for We Were Here because figuring it out could practically be a puzzle by itself… or maybe it already is 😉

Finally, the third image is a typical art-deco building. Our visual style is a combination of 70s, art-deco, steampunk, and other elements. The walkie-talkies you can recognize as being heavily art-deco inspired, for instance.

We’ll have more dev blogs coming up in future, including some work-in-progress behind the scenes images from We Were Here Together! Watch this space…

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


The Holidays are almost here, so what better time to have a look at what’s to expect next year!

As 2018 grows old, we have something new for We Were Here Together! We’ve decided to set the release in Q2/Q3. This because we need a bit more time tinkering on the intricate puzzles and challenges, we have some devious minds hard at work here!

We’ve also had a lot of requests about how to become a beta tester. Rest assured that nobody has been given access yet, we’re planning a beta test close to release. More information on this will follow, so keep an eye out on our announcements.

That’s it for now! We at Total Mayhem Games wish you all a joyous Christmas and the best wishes for the New Year, Together!

We Were Here Together in de media!

We Were Here Together in de media!

Hey there!

Since the announcement on the 12th of September, quite some media wrote about this amazing news! Here we’ve made a collection of some of the publications. Would you like a presskit yourself to write something about We Were Here Together? Visit this link [HERE] or visit our Contact page [HERE].

Do you have any questions, or would you like to have additional information or interviews? Contact us at


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Official We Were Here Together subreddit!

Official We Were Here Together subreddit!

Welcome to the We Were Here Together subreddit



We have launched an official subreddit for We Were Here Together, the newest game in the We Were Here series of cooperative first-person puzzle adventures. In We Were Here Together, players will start out working together at the research base camp, before being split up when they re-enter Castle Rock…

For those who haven’t played the earlier games in the We Were Here series, they are both available on Steam. We Were Here is free, while We Were Here Too was the first commercial release from Total Mayhem Games!

You can play the WWH games in any order – they are connected, but fully standalone, both in gameplay and story. Naturally, each game you play will reveal more hints about the history of Castle Rock.
Will you be able to make it out of Castle Rock and escape the jester’s clutches?

For the latest news on the entire We Were Here series, check out r/wewerehereseries!
Want to know more about We Were Here Together? Check out our FAQ or Steam page!

We Were Here Together announced!

We Were Here Together announced!

The word is out and the title says it all – We Were Here Together is officially announced!

We Were Here Together will take players from an Antarctic research base through the icy wastes back to Castle Rock, with new sections of the castle and challenges to puzzle through.

At first, players will solve puzzles together for the first time, but once back inside Castle Rock they will find themselves split up and facing the same communication driven puzzle solving that has proved so popular in the other We Were Here games. The release is planned for early next year.

Enjoy our beautiful announcement trailer and don’t forget to put We Were Here Together on your Wishlist on Steam. In the upcoming months, we will keep you updated with more exciting news on We Were Here Together, the 3rd co-op adventure chapter from the  We Were Here Series.

Check out the We Were Here Together Steam store: 

Steam Group:

Again thanks to everyone who worked on the amazing trailer!

Created | Total Mayhem Games

Directed | Ruud Renting

Art Direction | Victor van den Beld

Technical Direction | Christian de Kool

Music | Sigmund Krähe – Death of Maliphant

Painted Artwork | Gracia Artigas

Animated | Frian Lit

Voice Acting | Ruud Renting

Texture Artist | Benjamin van Hemert

Sound Design | Leon van der Stel

Voice Over Author | Gerben Grave

Public Relations & Press Contact | Lucia de Visser