Dutch Party Week


As you might know, we from Total Mayhem Games are Dutch. Which means we wear wooden shoes, have tulips around the house and non-stop eat black liquorice and potatoes, but more importantly we celebrate Kingsday on the 27th of April and Liberation Day on the 5th of May! This year we are going to celebrate it with all the Explorers around the world. Join us over at Discord and enjoy some very Dutch party habits. 


Food Truck

 Even though the Netherlands isn’t known for its cuisine, we do know what great appetizers are. This is the place to talk with other Explorers about the Dutch party week. Grab a plate, type food!fp and enjoy whatever is served.


Pub quiz

Test your knowledge over at our trivia channel! As an Explorer you like riddles, so why not try your hands on these? 


Minigames Corner

Don’t feel like hurting your brain? Join the Minigames Corner for shorter games such as Connect 4, Hangman, Rock Paper Scissors, Tic Tac Toe and Uno. Play against a CPU or a fellow Explorer! 


Dutch party stage 

A party is NOTHING without music, therefore we have opened the Dutch party stage! We have enabled video and audio so you can completely indulge in bangers from Holland. 


Second hand street 

One other massive tradition is our blanket yard sale. People, often children, would put a blanket on the floor and sell items. For the TGM blanket yard sale we give you the opportunity to buy previous designs. See our yard sale!