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Okay, let’s rewind first before we get started.

It’s been months since we announced We Were Here Too was on its way. In those months, we at Total Mayhem Games and a lot of helping hands, have been working non stop on the We Were Here sequel. We promised you many times that we would give you more information on the release date, price, storyline and mechanics, but in these extremely busy and sometimes chaotic months, we weren’t always able to follow through on our promises.

But now, we are! We are extremely proud to announce the official launch-date on We Were Here Too. Mark 02-02-2018 in your agendas, because that will be the date We Were Here Too will be available for you on Steam for $9,99!

This game will be the product of hours and hours and hours of hard work, and we’ve never been this proud of a product we have made so far in our lives. We hope you’ll forgive us for the delays, but we promise it will all be worth it.

That’s why, from today on, you’ll be able to pre-order We Were Here Too! You’ll find the pre-order link on our website. By pre-ordering We Were Here Too you’ll be guaranteed of access to the closed beta in January!

To celebrate that We Were Here Too is closer than ever, we made you two awesome videos. The official trailer of We Were Here Too and the descriptive gameplay video are now available on Steam and YouTube. And since you’re probably on Steam already, make sure to wishlist We Were Here Too so you’ll get a notification when We Were Here Too is ready to play.

Thank you for your support, patience, and love. You guys are the reason we’re still going strong!

Official trailer We Were Here Too

Official gameplay video We Were Here Too

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  1. Griffin

    Just got 2 preorder copies for my friend and I, we loved we were here and binged both achievement runs in 5 hours. We can’t wait to jump into this.

  2. Christian Pruitt

    I pre ordered this back in november/december. The price is lower on on steam right now than it was when i bought it… what the heck. Also i have not recieved my game key yet?

    1. Total Mayhem Games

      Dear Christian,

      There is indeed a small discount at release, but with your pre-order, you did not only receive the full game but also exclusive access to the closed beta test before release, the bundled soundtrack of We Were Here Too, an exclusive border, and an exclusive walkie-talkie skin.

      Your Steam keys were available since February 2nd, 10 AM CET. You have to visit and go to ‘purchases’. There you can redeem your key for the game and your key for the DLC with all the extras. I hope this helped. ~ Lucia

    1. Total Mayhem Games

      Hey Zak!

      For now, we don’t have te plan to DRM-free our game, But we will definitely see it as an option.

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