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Time to get some new merch or to snatch our previous design on sale!


Time to get some new merch or to snatch our previous design on sale!

Out with the old, in with the new! A new year and a new season, means new merch. As previously explained our TMG Essentials will remain, but our TMG Limited got an update! This limited collection is all about love and romance, pink and red. Not a fan of the lovey-dovey? We’ve got you, some less cutesy colours have been added too. Find our new designs over at our shop.

During these turbulent times it is important to reach out to each other, to share an online toast. Our Love collection has therefore a vast collection of postcards and mugs. Send your love, and cheer digitally.

*But no worries, our ‘Curse of Castle Rock’ design is available until the end of January, ON SALE!*

New We Were Here Merch store AND 10% off!

Here it is, our brand new We Were Here Merch store is now officially open!


Here it is, our brand new We Were Here Merch store is now officially open!

After numerous questions about and requests for new merch, it is finally here; our new merch store! This time we’re doing things a bit differently… We now have 3(!) different labels with each their own designs!

Have you always wanted to sport Total Mayhem Games or We Were Here merchandise and are you a big fan of the clean and the simple? Then TMG ESSENTIALS is what you have been looking for. These designs will forever be available in our store and are for the true logo loving supporter. We are extra proud of the unique and high quality of the We Were Here line. The logo is embroidered onto the products. Support your favourite indie game studio, yes that is us.

We at Total Mayhem Games design games with the players, communication and friendship in mind. Over the years we have heard numerous stories about how our games created, but also temporarily ruined, friendships. The TMG FOR FRIENDS line celebrates all those precious moments. Extra fun is our Best/Worst Friend design with which you can show your role during the playthrough. The unique feature of the TMG FOR FRIENDS line is that despite the concept staying the same, the colours and designs will be refreshed and renewed.

Every once in a while we at Total Mayhem Games like to do things differently, shake things up a little, do something out of the ordinary. The TMG LIMITED line shows what happens when our designers go total mayhem and create whatever they feel like. From Death Metal to Kawaii, from Punk to College, no genre is off limits.  As the name suggests, TMG LIMITED can only be purchased a limited period. After that period the designs are gone for good!
Or are they…?

We’d love to welcome you all and in order to celebrate the opening of our new merch store, you can use code LAUNCH2020 to get 10% off on your total purchase!