Hello Explorers!

Another year with new opportunities and events to look forward to! Let’s start with the release of We Were Here Forever on consoles on January 31st. 

What better way to start your adventure than on this one-of-a-kind
custom painted We Were Here Forever Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5?

Introducing cross-play for the first time in the history of the We Were Here Series, we are opening up a world of friendly Explorers to team up with! Tag all the people you deem worthy of joining you on this quest, and tell us what speciality they bring to the table. We might throw in some extra game keys to enable them to join you! 

You can share and tag as many times as you want, but please stay friends with those you tag. You’ll need one of them in this fantastic co-op adventure!

We will announce the winner(s) on Tuesday, the 31st of January! 

How to participate: 

Please read the following instructions. Your entry is only valid if all steps are correctly fulfilled.

  1. Find our post about “Win a custom We were Here Console” on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  2. Tag all the friends you would want to try Forever. All tagged friends have a chance to win free game keys!
  3. Tell us their superpowers and what skills they have to be successful in your quest through Forever. (Example: I need @samantha’s wit and quick thinking so we won’t get stuck on each puzzle.) 
  4. Let us know if you’d like to win a PlayStation or Xbox.

Share the original post with the hashtag #WeWereHereForever



Do I get a better chance if I tag more than one friend?

It’s not obligatory, but it does make you stand out more! It’s a unique chance to connect your console friends to your pc friends; why not help them all by winning some free game keys?

I play on PC but want to tag both PC and Console friends. If I win, can both type of players win game keys?

Yup! We can handle PC and Console Keys for We Were Here Forever.

If I don’t win, can I also buy one of these consoles?

These consoles are one-of-a-kind and custom painted for this giveaway, so they will not become available for sale.


Disclaimer: The prizes cannot be exchanged for real money. Winners will be contacted through social media and will be asked for personal information which will only be used for shipping purposes.


Enjoy the comforting sounds of our

We Were Here Forever Original Game Soundtrack