FAQ’s before release!

Hey there everybody!

We’ve has some questions lately about pricing, the beta, and the pre-orders. Therefore we answered a few prior to the release of We Were Here Too.

Q: Will the game be free?
A: No, the game will not be free. It will release on February 2nd, 2018 for $9.99.

Q: We Were Here was also free, why is We Were Here Too not?
A: We Were Here was a school project. We are working now for months to develop the sequel We Were Here Too as a professional studio. We need funds to develop more games like We Were Here and We Were Here Too in the future, and to simply pay the bills and servers.

Q: What do you get when you pre-order?
A: When you pre-order We Were Here before the 15th of January, you will have access to the closed beta. This means you are able to play the (unfinished) game two weeks before release. You will also get some exclusives.

Q: Why does the pre-order go via Humble Bundle?
A: Humble Bundle is a very indie game friendly marketplace. When you pre-order the game via the widget on our website, you will also donate 10% to charity. You will receive the Steam key on the day of release and the beta key the 15th of January. Humble is the most developer-friendly portal in terms of revenue share.

Q: Where can I pre-order?
A: You can make your purchase here!

Q: Why can’t I find We Were Here Too on the Humble Bundle store page?
A: We Were Here Too is not yet available on the Humble Bundle store page, only as a pre-order via the Humble Bundle widget on our website! From the 2nd of February, We Were Here Too will be available on humblebundle.com too.

Q: How many people are selected for the beta test and how do I apply?
A: We’ve had an overwhelming amount of fans applying for the beta test. We have already selected everyone for the beta tests, so you are not able to apply anymore. The only way you will be able to attend the beta is to pre-order We Were Here Too. Then you will have guaranteed access to the beta on the 15th of January, 6:30 PM / 18:30 CET.

Q: Will there be a mobile version of We Were Here?
A: For now we have no plans to develop a mobile version of We Were Here or We Were Here Too, but we’ll never know what the future may bring.

Q: How long will the game be?
A: It’s really hard to tell, due to the fact that it takes one person longer to solve the puzzles than the other. The average seems to be 2-4 hours the first time through. Of course, you can play the game one more time taking the other role.

Q: I can’t connect to my partner in the beta of We Were Here Too. What to do?
A: Check if your game isn’t restricted by firewall settings. You could also check the in-game language filter options. If you don’t have the same language selection, you are not able to find your friend. Make sure the UDP ports are open.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask!
And here a beautiful still from We Were Here Too to make you just as excited as us!

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  1. Wessel

    I figured this would be the perfect place for me to leave my questions.
    I was wondering if the game will still be sold in different chapters or not. Since the first idea was to have the game release in multiple ‘episodes’, with the first one being free. I thought this was a great idea for the WWH series as it would offer way more content in a longer period of time. Therefore granting more opportunities for fun gaming sessions with a friend.
    Thanks in regard!

    1. Total Mayhem Games

      Hey John!

      Right now it’s not our goal to aim for VR. Maybe later this year it could be an option, but for now, it’s not.

    1. Total Mayhem Games

      Hey Enzonaki,

      We’re really sorry to hear that. The game is bigger, graphically more beautiful and designed better than We Were Here. We hope that you won’t just let the hours of gameplay kill your vibe, but let the experience worth your while!

  2. Bob

    Me and a friend loved the first installment ‘We Were Here’ (what a refreshing change to dumbed down games!) and so both of us have bought this new version but notice that, unlike the original version, I cannot set my resolution to 2560 x 1080 (ultra wide screen) ?? Also are there any plans to allow more key bindings to be set (especially movement keys!) Cheer guys, keep up the good work!!

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