We Were Here Too Newsflash #1

We figured that after a long time of teasing, mysterious hints and maybe even some radio silence, it’s about time that we started of giving more clarity on the development of We Were Here Too. Hereby introducing: We Were Here Too newsflashes. Expect weekly updates, facts and information on the long anticipated sequel of We Were Here.

As you may have found out on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), we are starting off with newsflash #1 revolving about the structure of We Were Here Too. The game will consist of a free Prologue chapter, with multiple Chapters following this Prologue as downloadable content. The Prologue AND the first Chapter will release simultaneously in just a couple of months. But why did we choose this structure?

Looking back at the release of We Were Here, we are (of course) still proud of what we have accomplished in only 14 weeks. But we also learned from our own experience and your feedback on We Were Here, that we missed some structure in the storyline and that the game needed plenty of time for bug testing. That’s what we’re trying to overcome by splitting up the game in the form of Chapters, with the Prologue available for free. Now we’re able to transform the amazing story we have into an awesome game, without having to leave some essential parts out. We will give you a taste of the We Were Here Too storyline in one of the following We Were Here Too newsflashes.

Your continued support has been amazing and we are eternally grateful for your patience and all the kind words. Unfortunately, positivity alone won’t pay the bills. That’s why we had to make the decision not to make the entire game free to play like We Were Here. We have to be realistic: we can’t create more innovative and fun content without an income. But we would also like to give our supporting fans something in return, and that’s why we decided to make the Prologue available for free for new and returning players to enjoy. This gives us plenty of time to give each chapter the needed time and polish it deserves, while giving you guys lots of content to enjoy this time around!

The Prologue will consist of several puzzles and an introduction of the storyline of We Were Here Too. After the Prologue, the new Chapters will be available (with the first Chapter releasing simultaneously with the Prologue), so you can continue to puzzle your way out of Castle Rock.

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    1. Total Mayhem Games

      I’m sorry, there is no possibility right now to financially support us! We just have to ask you to be patient and bare with us! For the BETA testers, we will come back to that later. ~ Lucia

  1. Hey, just finished the first game with a friend, to be serious we have a phase right now where we check for free to play titles we can play for a bit, make fun of and forget about afterwards. Today we wanted some horror and he stumbled about this game… “aright mate this one doesnt even have a terrible rating, lets try it its not that big” well we didnt know what we were in for, we were hooked after the first room and it was fun to give the certain runes funny names, while the spooky feeling was really nice. We got to the Theatre were we got struck by the panic because of your guys creepy little friend who terrorized my friend. And then you hit us with the terrible fact that only one of us could leave. There was so little story, still i still feel hooked because it had an incredible mysterious feeling to it. And these are big words for me, a guy who hates puzzless (looking up a guide in skyrim after 2 minutes for any riddle). In Conclusion, We absolutely loved your game and were exited to see that a second one is in the making. We will happily support you guys, because you guys made a true gem here and i see big potential in your idea. And i assure you people are willing to pay money for that.
    I apologize for any mistakes, english is not my mother tungue.

    Greetings from Germany, dont let us down guys, give us a second game ;D

    1. Total Mayhem Games

      Hey neighbour!

      Wir danken Ihnen sehr für die freundlichen Worte! And that was our best German! But seriously, thank you. We’re working on the sequel day and night. We’re hoping to launch it as soon as possible, but it’s a lot of work! I hope you will stick with us!

      Grüße, Lucia

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