Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat! It might surprise you (or not), but Total Mayhem Games looooves Halloween. As you might expect, our love for horror, darkness, and mystery is one of the reasons We Were Here is like it is today. The difference is: we don’t need this one particular day of the year to scare the hell out of you guys. 😉

But since it’s almost Halloween, we can’t resist adding a little extra something to the We Were Here universe. With the musical soundtracks released a few days ago, we were thinking of something else to really bring your favorite co-op puzzle game to life…

That’s why we made you an awesome cutout explorer mask and walkie-talkie, so if you were low on Halloween costume ideas, we got you on this one!

But, like we said before, our love for horror and thrills doesn’t stop at a little Halloween present. We are working day and night to make We Were Here Too even more mind-blowing than We Were Here. And we promise you, the scariest part is yet to come… ?

Oh, and don’t forget to send us your best Halloween pictures. We’d love to have you try and scare us, for a change!


  • Get yourself some scissors and carefully cut the dotted lines!
  • For added support: glue the mask to cartboard or stiff paper.
  • Staple the mask to a cut rubber band or you can attach a popsicle stick to the mask to hold!
  • Attach a popsicle stick or twig to the walkie-talkie to hold!
  • Cut holes in the mask for some eye sight!
  • Enjoy Halloween and pare up for the real Castle Rock experience!
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The Explorer, The Walkie Talkie, Castle Rock Antarctica, We Were Here, We Were Here Too and its characters, images, and logos are trademarks of TMG Studios B.V. All rights reserved.

Artwork made by Jessica de Troije

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