We Were Here Too

We Were Here Too is an online only, first-person cooperative adventure set in a fictional medieval castle.

The icy blizzard becomes unbearable. You and your friend got separated from the other two expeditioners in a fast-pacing, lethal snowstorm. You continue shuffling through the snow, but notice you’re merely walking in circles. Your final hour draws near and you are certain all hope is lost. Unexpectedly, you end up at a place you never thought you would find in Antarctica: A giant castle.

In We Were Here Too, the story revolves around the other expeditioners you were separated from in We Were Here. The survivors find themselves in a drastically different scenario. One is trapped in what seems like a royal court, while the other finds themselves in an abandoned tomb. Once again, all they have is a walkie-talkie, with a familiar voice on the other end.

Do you have what it takes to survive the castle… together with your friend?

TitleWe Were Here Too
Release DateSummer 2017

We Were Here Too Steam page now online

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All we have left are these walkie-talkies. We Were Here Too places players in the shoes of two expeditioners lost in a timeworn castle. Your voice will lead the way...

Deeper immersion

The warmth of life has long left these halls. Immerse yourself in a thrilling experience as you and your partner find their way through this forgotten fortress. Lose yourself in all new environments and an original musical score.

A mystery unfolds

We were not alone.. A darkness took over these once pride-filled halls. Can you discover the truth behind fate?

Official Teaser Trailer

We Were Here Too
This game requires both players to have a working PC/Mac-compatible microphone.

We Were Here Too features

  • Challenging communication-based teamwork - Play the game with friends or make new ones through a new and improved server browser system
  • Different roles give both players an asymmetrical experience
  • All new puzzles and environments - Randomized puzzle solutions ensures no playthrough will be the same!
  • Different roles give both players an asymmetrical experience
  • Plenty of secrets and discoveries to be found
  • A dark, twisted mystery - Was this sacrifice necessary?

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