Patch note

Patch notes: Update #5

Hey everyone! Even though we’ve been very busy lately, we would like to share with you some minor improvements and additions. Patch Notes Fixes: Improved stability for VR VR players are no longer able to teleport over the Spike puzzle Mouse sensitivity should now change properly Handles in theater puzzle are more reliable Film roll...
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Patch notes: Update #4

Hey everyone! Update Four is brought to you from our new office space where we’ll be working on We Were Here for the upcoming months! If you still experience an issue that is listed or new issues have presented themselves please let us know in the comments. Thank you for playing “We Were Here”, Total...
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Patch notes: Update #3

As of today some new features have been implemented in the game as we continue to make it more stable. In this patch note we will highlight a couple of important fixes and features listed below. Patch Notes Fixes – Added a warning message when there is no microphone connected – Several Colliders added to...
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Patch notes: Update #2

We are rolling out a new update that fixes several issues and adds a much-requested feature.We will continue to improve the stability of the game with future updates. Patch Notes Fixes Improved interaction with handles in the theater Theater now resets properly after each correct play Theater plays can no longer be cheated Escape hatch...
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Patch notes: Update #1

We would like to thank everyone for playing We Were Here! We are aware of some of the issues some players might be having and are monitoring the discussions to see what other issues arise. Below you will find a list of issues that have been fixed for this first patch. Patch Notes Fixes Resolved...
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