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We Were Here – Too

We Were Here Too, the sequel to the co-op puzzle game ‘We Were Here’, is an all new, brain-teasing adventure in the forgotten halls of Castle Rock, Antarctica. You and your expedition companions got separated from each other. You know what happened to your partner and you, but what happened to the others you were...
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We Were Not Alone

Will you prove yourselves to be wolves in sheep’s clothing, or will you perish like all the others before you?
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Connection errors have been resolved!

We never dreamed of being featured in the Popular New Releases section on Steam. Which is why our servers weren’t prepared for the massive spike in concurrent users we experienced last night. So when our servers started overheating, we put our heads together to find a way to upgrade our servers within the limits of...
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We Were Here launches!

Hello and thank you from the We Were Here team! We’re absolutely amazed by the support and interest shown by people from the Steam community! Currently we’re hard at work trying to keep up with the demand, so if any issues arise while attempting to create a lobby please understand. If an issue arises with...
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